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Hat Day

Bonjour everyone!

At the end of Term 2, our Language B Captains, Cooper Royle and James Stephan, organised their final event for their captaincy – Le Jour du Chapeau, otherwise known as “Hat Day”.

All Junior School students were invited to embrace the joys of high fashion and to wear a special hat on the final Thursday of term. The event was a great success with hats of all kinds, large and small, international and local, worn by students in every grade. Madame Vinton enjoyed teaching throughout the day with a collection of wild head gear on display every time she entered a room.

Junior School staff even got into the event, borrowing fascinators and tiaras from the French dress up bags as well.

Here are some photos of the event for you to enjoy.

Au revoir! 

hat2.jpg hat3.jpg hat4.jpg hat5.jpg