The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Headmaster Dr Alec O'Connell

Headmaster's Reflections

Dr Alec O'Connell

In a community as large as Scotch, there are always times of special celebration and renewal. Last Friday was no exception when we held a very special ceremony to rededicate the PC Anderson Memorial Chapel, induct our two new Chaplains, Revd Gary van Heerden and Revd Justine Wall, and bid farewell to our Chaplain of 31 years, Revd Chas Lewis.

This service proved to be yet another example of how cross generations come together at Scotch College to celebrate major events. To see the number of people sharing stories and also spending a lot of time looking through our heritage centre, brought a real sense of longevity and pride in the College.

Over the last couple of weeks we have also been lucky enough to see our three sub schools participate in the annual swimming carnivals. Once again, these events prove to be great generators for community participation. The carnivals are also a great way to reinforce sport as an important part of wellbeing and fitness. Of course a little competition doesn't hurt either, as demonstrated via the house systems each year.

Without doubt, one of the most 'must be seen at events' around town is the Year 12 Scotch Ball; and 2019 was no different. The regalia, pageantry and genuine sense of fun was alive and well. I would like to congratulate the boys and their partners for the quality of their behaviour. The boys and their partners represented their school and families very well.

This event simply cannot happen without the unbelievable array of volunteer mothers and students. Thanks to everyone who ensured that our boys will remember their Year 12 Ball for many years to come.

As we enter Week 4 of Summer Term, I sincerely trust that all boys are now well and truly settled in to their work routines. With so many co-curricular and other activities happening day in and day out, it is important that we remain focused on teaching and learning across all grades. Remember that a boy's progress is only enhanced with quality communication between teachers and families. If you are unsure about anything to do with your son's programme and progress, do not hesitate to contact the relevant person in your son's sub-school.

Have a great fortnight.


Revd Gary van Heerden - Chaplain


Revd Gary van Heerden

Chaplain's Reflections

The rededication of the magnificent PC Anderson Chapel on Friday made me think of various churches I have attended over the years – from the colour and majesty of Greek Orthodox liturgy, to the beautiful simplicity of a Quaker Meeting; from the aroma of incense at a Coptic Church in Cairo to the drums and ululating of an African Independent Church (not actually in a building but under a tree in the veld (bushland) on the Mozambiquan border); from the pontificating Dominie (minister) in a Dutch Reformed Church to meditating in a converted barn at a silent community in Switzerland.  In all these places and times, I have felt and believed myself to be part of the body with which I was worshipping.  My spiritual understanding has always been enlarged and made more authentic through contact with other traditions.

The Scotch community consists of people from different backgrounds, experiences, traditions and cultural practices.  Every time we enter the PC Anderson Chapel, the spiritual centre of the school, these differences are transcended, and we leave behind our private world of trials and tribulations.  As we focus on God, we feel that communion of spirit, a communion with the community of Scotch, and a refurbishment of spirit that remains with us as we return to our studies.

May the PC Anderson Chapel continue to be a place of peace and meditation, worship and faith, where we are affirmed and empowered to serve and to see in each other the image of the One whose love, healing and wisdom enfold us all.


Cara Fugill Director of Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Mrs Cara Fugill
Director of Teaching and Learning

Shifting Paradigms: Continuous Reporting

In line with much of the academic research into high impact teaching and the recommendations provided in the Gonski report (March, 2018), Scotch College in 2019 has committed to providing all students with individual feedback post summative assessment and units of inquiry.  The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), explains that as a result of feedback, the pace of student learning is accelerated by at least 50%, meaning student learning is increased by an additional six months or more over a year. Further, feedback is likely to bridge the gap of the performance between differing levels of student attainment, shifting the overall median performance of a cohort up. This significant commitment made by teaching staff requires time after each assessment to diagnose areas for improvement and identify effective strategies that can be implemented.

Scotch College's continuous reporting policy states that feedback is typically provided at key moments identified by the teacher. Feedback may consist of the following:

  • Digital samples of student work
  • Annotated work that described the features to show increased proficiency
  • Digital rubrics that show a progression of learning within a subject
  • Teacher comment on the true growth of students skills and knowledge over time

Continuous reporting works hand in hand with academic tracking, it is more than just numbers. It is about tracing the anecdotal feedback and being aware of the story that lies beneath student performance in all aspects of their learning. Effective feedback is designed to drive a student's focus towards learning growth. The effect of feedback may not be felt immediately, however, it is the small adjustments to learning routines and habits which compound and result in improvement over time.

Although the teacher's role is critical in this process, without student active engagement, the feedback received is likely to have minimal impact. Feedback gives students an opportunity to partner with teachers in their own learning, increasing ownership and responsibility. Therefore it is important that we teach our students how to use feedback to their advantage.

How to encourage your son to engage with feedback:

  1. Read the feedback carefully whilst reviewing the assessment
  2. Reflect on his strengths
  3. Consider the areas identified for improvement and complete his own analysis
  4. Consider suggested strategies and plan the next steps. Record these in his student reflection SEQTA Learn
  5. Implement your strategies
  6. At the next opportunity reflect on the effectiveness of your approach
  7. Refine as needed


Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing Mr James Hindle


Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing overview

Last Monday, I was grateful to be have the opportunity to address the first meeting of Scotch Parents for this year, on the topic of Wellbeing.

It is the school's view that feeling safe, valued and connected and having a sense of belonging are essential elements of positive wellbeing and to achieving to our potential. Having a strong sense of Wellbeing is the bedrock of our capacity to contribute in a meaningful way in all area of our lives.

At Scotch, our vision is to see everyone functioning at their best as often as possible. Wellbeing at Scotch encompasses everything we do to build each individual's capacity to live life well. We define Wellbeing as possessing the physical, social, emotional and spiritual resources to ride life's waves; and being able to recognise and make the most of every opportunity in order to be the best version of yourself, whatever the circumstances.

At the heart of Wellbeing at Scotch is the concept of "Knowing the Boy". At every stage of a boy's development, there are significant staff who seek to understand what is going on in his life and who know what skills he needs to live life well. We believe that everyone requires the following three pillars to be at their best as often as possible:

  • Resilience (Perseverance; Grit; Self-Motivation; Mindfulness)
  • Relationships (Emotional Recognition, Expression and Management; Gratitude; Kindness)
  • Respect (Self-Respect; Respect for Others; Respect for the Environment)

These pillars and their related concepts form the basis of the Wellbeing courses which operate within Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. These courses continue to expand and evolve. These pillars also form the basis of the academic programme and are also evident in other aspects of school life, such as the co-curricular programme, Community Service and Outdoor Education. They are also implicit in the fabric of the school and we believe that an understanding of and a commitment to resilience, relationships and respect should define the young men who attend Scotch.

One area of focus for us this year is staff wellbeing; we believe that this is a critical element in the general health of the school. Students benefit greatly by seeing positive role-modelling and staff are better able to support each other and derive meaning and satisfaction from their efforts. Another priority for this year is to provide a wider range of parent workshops and presentations regarding significant issues for our students. Possible topics for discussion are dealing with anxiety, managing social media use and mindfulness. I will be seeking feedback from parents about which topics they would like to know more.


Jordan Foster will be presenting to our Year 1 to 6 boys on the 13th of March regarding online behaviour and safety. That evening, from 6.30-7.30, Jordan will conduct a Parent Engagement workshop, with time for questions afterwards. This is a critical topic and one which we believe needs to be covered every year, particularly given how large a part technology plays in the lives of young people and given how rapidly the field is changing. I urge parents to attend if they can.

We will have Jordan back to speak with the Year 7 and 8 students on the 25th June. There will be another parent engagement workshop that evening. In Senior School, we will have Paul Litherland back to speak to students and parents about cyber-safety later in the year. I will publicise details closer to the date of these presentations.


Mr David Kyle Director of Service and Citizenship

Service and Citizenship

Mr David Kyle
Director of Service and Citizenship

So, I am suspicious of education

As a College and as teachers, we likely rest easy at night, proud of our efforts to educate young minds to contribute in positive ways. But is this reality? Surely not every educator is solely driven by a desire for a better world and other altruistic endeavours. There must be some thought of regular holidays and swimming carnivals on hot days. Of course, it is possible that a desire to work with uncomplicated young people and long summer holidays can combine to motivate people to go into teaching, and probably do, but hopefully a sense of promoting good in the world is a big focus too. I say this in response to the quote below from a letter, sent by a Holocaust survivor to educators, and published in 'Teacher and Child', by Dr Haim Ginott.

"I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no person should witness: gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. Infants killed by trained nurses. Women and babies shot by high school and college graduates. So, I am suspicious of education.

My request is: Help your children become more human. Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths or educated Eichmanns. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important, only if they serve to make our children more human."

Sanctimonious as it may be, I believe our College makes significant efforts to ensure our curriculum and co-curricular activities are focused on upholding our values of Service, Stewardship and Integrity. Essential curriculum and skills such as the three R's are mandatory, as they should be, but we also embed service learning and citizenship into our curriculum and have dedicated class time for things such as the Year 10 Service Programme and the Year 8 Community Project. We can be proud of our efforts to build empathy and tolerance in our young men and hope that we are living up to our mission of producing young men of character who are active members of the global community.

Hopefully we aren't all, "loser teachers", as Donald Trump Jnr called our US counterparts last week. Certainly spruiking socialism is not anything I've seen in classrooms, but helping children become more human is an honourable vocation and something Scotch College places great importance on.

Community Project Launch

On Thursday the Year 8 cohort took part in a workshop to launch their Community Project. The day was a great success and the boys are now well and truly on their Community Project journey.

The day began with Dylan Smith speaking. Dylan is the Executive Officer of the Fremantle Foundation, a community foundation started in 2010. Community foundations exist around the world and general focus on one local area, although the Fremantle Foundation is equally focused on other areas of Western Australia. There website says, "We exist to create a thriving community through local giving. We address critical community needs by providing inspiring ways for people to give. And we provide ongoing support and advice so your donation has maximum social impact."

Dylan spoke to the boys about his transition away from being a professional footballer and the birth and growth of the Foundation. He had some excellent messages and anecdotes for the boys, not least the importance of place and building strong roots in local communities.

The Fremantle Foundation is going from strength to strength and the College was fortunate to have had Dylan as our guest.

Here is a website with more information on community foundations.

Other guests on the day were Rob Bartlett (OSC, 2014), and Ceinwen Roberts our new Swim Coach. Rob spoke to the group about his work at Radio Lollipop and how the organisation has grown. We learnt that Perth was the first Radio Lollipop location outside the United Kingdom and a lot about the simple aims of the organisation. Rob was able to speak about his experience that led him to realise the importance of laughter and distraction to sick kids. Ceinwen focused on the establishment of the Euroz Coldwater Classic for The Leukemia Foundation and how she saw a need and was determined to contribute towards finding a cure. Her experience in organising big events allowed her to relay some excellent advice to the boys and give a strong plug for swimming at Scotch too!


Over six instalments in 2019, Old Scotch Collegian and 2018 Western Australian Young Person of the Year, Kamsani Bin Salleh, will create pieces that reflect the Noongar seasons. He started on Thursday with Bunuru and we look forward to welcoming him back in Djeran.



All School Matters

Open Day 2019

The Headmaster, staff and students invite all new families to our annual Open Day on Friday 8 March 2019.

The morning begins at 8.15am with the Pipe Band Display, followed by House marching. After marching there will be an address by the Headmaster, followed by tours of the School conducted by current students. Morning tea will then be served in the Dining Hall with the Headmaster and College staff. The day will finish approximately 11.30am.

Parking will be available on the playing fields, which are located at the northern end of Stirling Road.

Please register attendance here.




The Marketing, Advancement & Community Engagement Team are pleased to release a new online photo platform for the College, Vidigami. Vidigami will replace Gallery and is a private photo and video platform that can only be accessed by those with a Scotch login.

The system allows face tagging of staff, students and parents and we encourage you to tag your child where possible as this makes it easier for you to revisit all photos of them at a later date. Keywords can also be added to albums (i.e. rowing camp)

Do Not Publish students have been flagged in the system and their photos are automatically removed when they are tagged. Please note they need to be tagged for their images to be removed.

To activate your account:

Vidigami is fairly straight forward to navigate and is user friendly however please click here for a user guide for your information,  this video also provides a great overview on how to use it.

There is a mobile app available from the Apple Store and Google Play. Please feel free to contribute to our photos by creating albums within the relevant categories.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Marketing, Advancement & Community Engagement team on if you have any queries. Lucy Anderson and Kerrin Girando are best placed to answer any questions regarding Vidigami.


Music Scholarship and Music Bursaries

Scotch College offers opportunities for gifted, talented and hardworking musicians to further their studies through Scotch Music. These opportunities are in the form of a Music Scholarship or Music Bursaries. Applications for the Scholarship are now open to both current and prospective students entering Year 6, 7 or 8 in 2020. Applications for the Bursaries are open to both current and prospective students entering 7 in 2020. Please contact our Music Department for more information.

Mrs Di Moran


Uniform Shop

No appointments required.

Buying Uniform Online

Uniform can be purchased online at the Flexischools website. All orders processed online can be picked up from the Uniform Shop after 10 am on the following Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (depending on when the order is placed). Orders can also be posted to you. If you are already using Flexischools for canteen orders, you will notice that uniforms are also available for purchase. If you need details on setting up Flexischools access, please email the uniform shop for further information:

Opening Hours

Tuesday           8.00am to 5.00pm
Thursday         7.30am to 11.30am
Friday              7.30am to 11.30am

The Uniform Shop will be closed on Friday 2 March.


Mouthguard Information 2019

To All Parents and Guardians

Another mouthguard season is fast approaching.  We will be following the same routine as last year with a slight change for all Middle School boys.  To make it easier, the hardcopy Galadent form will be distributed out to the boys in their Guided Literacy class.  Please ensure that your son forwards this onto you.

All students in Senior School (non Boarders)are requested to look out for the clearly labelled container, outside the HEALTH CENTRE entrance, to collect their hardcopy Galadent form.


This year, Galadent now have a new online booking system that will require Parents/Guardians to go direct to Galadent's website  Once on their website, please click on the 'Mouthguard Booking' button and follow the prompts accordingly.  Appointments will run in five minute intervals on each day, as listed below.  Upon successfully booking an appointment a confirmation email will be sent.  If you prefer, you are also able to complete an online mouthguard form.  Just click on the 'Mouthguard Form' button and then on the 'Download Form' button and fill in your son's details.  Please print off the completed form and give it to your son to bring to his allocated appointment.

Galadent would like to extend this opportunity again to all parents who have other children with mouthguard requirements, to avail themselves of this service.  If you would like extra hardcopies of their form, they can be collected from Middle School Reception and outside the Health Centre entrance (in clearly labelled containers)


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in the HEALTH CENTRE on:

FRIDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2019                   3.30PM – 6.00PM


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in MacKELLAR HALL on the following date:

SATURDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2019            10.00AM – 2.00PM

All payments will need to be made direct to Galadent as they will not be deducted from your school account, as in previous years.  On the Galadent form you will see a provision for you to either complete your credit card details, attach a cheque made payable to Galadent Dental or alternatively pay in cash (sealed in an envelope marking your son's details on the front).  Mouthguard impressions cannot be taken unless this payment option has been fully completed.

All students will be issued with an itemised Account/Receipt with the delivery of their mouthguard, this will enable you to claim your rebate through your private ancillary cover.  For those parents insured with HBF, Galadent are a HBF Members Plus provider and this will entitle you to a higher rebate.

Students will be notified of the collection dates and times as they are determined, thank you.


2019 Secondary Assistance Scheme

Families eligible for the Secondary Assistance Scheme (Years 7 – 12) will again be able to apply for this in 2019.  Applications forms are available from Mrs Anita Johnson in Accounts Department (email and close on Friday 12 April. Further information can be obtained from:

Schools Resourcing and Budgeting Directorate
Department of Education
151 Royal Street
Tel:  9264 4516


Residential Life News

Building Works

Over the holidays the Grounds and Facilities staff have been working hard, not only for us in Boarding, but across the school on various projects.  While we still have a few things that are going to happen in the next few months we are very happy with the works that were completed in both the Year 7/8 House and Year 9 House.

The new entry and foyer in the Year 7/8 House has completely transformed the House and it is amazing the difference that this small addition has made.  The activity room now being joined is being utilised more and the foyer area is proving a popular space to gather.  The next part of the upgrade is to remove the remaining internal wall to completely open up the foyer space, install a kitchen into the old activity room and install bi fold doors that connect the outside patio area with the new kitchen.

The Year 9 House also received a few alterations with bigger projects yet to come.  To try and provide a space for our musically blessed boys we have created a series of practice rooms that can be used by the music department during school time and by boarding after hours.  The rooms have been soundproofed and are ready for use.  A new TV area has also been created upstairs and this is so that we can provide the boys with a couple of areas to relax in.

The Year 10 to 12 team have also been working hard to install whiteboards into all rooms.

residential-2.jpg residential-3.jpg residential-6.jpg residential-5.jpg


Mr John Stewart Head of Junior School

Junior School

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School

From the Head of Junior School

Selfless Acts of Kindness

"No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -  Aesop

I am always amazed at how children seem to know what to do when others are in need. At times it seems so natural to them to lend a hand to a teacher, to help a friend who is upset, to care for an animal. I have witnessed so many children demonstrate such genuine kindness to others that perhaps I have taken that for granted. Each day I see boys asking others to join their game simply because they may look a little lonely. I see boy rush to pick up another who has fallen over and walk with him to the nurse. I see boys smile at another boy's success in something as simple as a game of handball or something bigger like a competition. We have had a large number of new boys join our school this term. Boys from other local school, boys from other Australian cities and boys from overseas. For all of these boys, transitioning to a new school is a challenge. The small, natural acts of kinds our boys demonstrated have assisted in making our new friends feel at home and part of the Scotch community.

We have a new boy in our Pre-Primary class. He is from Japan and speaks very little English. While he was playing with his new classmates, he was not able to converse with them. An older boy, fluent in his language, was asked to come to the Pre-Primary class and talk with him. The older boys did this without hesitation. Such a small act of kindness helped to build a bond with the new Pre-Primary boy and made him feel more settled and at home. So little, so simple, so kind but such a big impact.

Selfless acts of kindness transform our hearts and the hearts of those we help. Those we help will, in turn, transform the hearts of others for whom they perform selfless acts of kindness. I see this almost every day in the boys of the Junior School. Perhaps, we as adults, can learn from our children to become more intentional in our acts of kindness.


Physical Education News

On Wednesday 13 February the boys in Year 3, 4 and 5 participated in the annual Junior School Swimming Carnival held at HBF Stadium. There were some fantastic swims in all divisions across the years. In perfect conditions for swimming and with lots of encouragement from their houses the carnival got off to a flying start with 50m Butterfly, Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke races. Connor McManus, Lucas Fry and Sebastian Fugill swam beautifully across their races in Year 3 whilst Angus Mcintosh performed well in all his races in Year 4. There were some exciting races in the Year 5's with Jack Ashby and Abe Prendiville raising the bar considerably across the age group. The 25m races were just as keenly contested and there were amazing efforts from all the boys as they competed for house points that contribute to the final destination of the house shield. Every boys swim counts toward this end and it was fantastic to see everyone giving their best effort.

The final tally saw the previous champions Robert House pipped to the post by Andrew House, who triumphed, in what was a great day of racing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Mr Scott Whiston
Head of Junior School Physical Education


Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile

The Enhanced PYP

Since its inception, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) has widely impacted not only students aged 3 to 12 and their school communities worldwide but also the course of international education. As a transdisciplinary, inquiry-based and student-centered education with responsible action at its core, the PYP remains trusted, timeless and transformational. Through the PYP, students experience learning that is engaging, significant, challenging and relevant as it spans between, across and beyond traditional subject boundaries.

In response to the challenges and opportunities found in our rapidly changing complex world, and in line with movements in global education to develop lifelong learners, a future-focused PYP has evolved to support IB World Schools as they strive for excellence in primary education.

Throughout the year I will share the improvements being adopted by Scotch College and other PYP schools from around the world. Below I have listed the new approaches to learning and in the next article I will elaborate on how these approaches have changed, how they will be adopted by the students and how the teachers will consider developing these holistically through their collaborative planning sessions.

  • thinking – critical, creative, transfer
  • research – ethical, media and information literacy
  • communication – listening, speaking, interpreting
  • social – interpersonal, social and emotional intelligence
  • self-management – mindfulness, time management, organisation.

Mr Warwick Norman
Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning


Year 1G News

What an exciting start to the year the Year Ones have had. The boys have finally burst out of the gates of the ELC. Their sights are set on the expanse of the big lush green ovals. The boys began begging to play on these from day one. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time playing soccer on the oval and jumping from the pirate ship onto the monkey bars; quite a mean feat.

The boys have settled beautifully into their new routine, have formed caring thoughtful friendships and are still getting used to what comes with a full summer uniform (shirts to tuck in and shoe laces to tie). Last Tuesday saw the boys get their own school iPad. This created a buzz of excitement and an abundance of typing and swiping. I am sure we had an extra student in our class called Siri.

We have started off the term with swimming lessons. We have had googles, rashies, jocks, socks and thongs flying in all directions and we have been learning a lot about being responsible for our own belongings.

The boys are very mature and eager to learn. What an amazing year of exciting possibilities and adventures we are to share together.  Watch this space!


Mrs Kristen Gray
Year 1 Teacher


Mr Richard Ledger Head of Middle School

Middle School

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School

From the Head of Middle School

As you will have read in the Headmaster's section of the Thistle, last Friday's rededication of the PC Anderson Chapel was a significant event in the life and history of the College.  With the ability to live stream the service to venues around the College every boy was able to participate in the event.  Remarkably, five of the College's seven Headmasters were either there or represented by family last Friday, collectively spanning 110 years of the College's 121 years of operation.  One other member of the congregation in the Chapel last Friday was Mr Norm De Grussa our Middle School Pipes Master, who also had a special link to the Chapel's rededication.  Mr De Grussa was one of the student pipers who played at the opening of the PC Anderson Chapel 50 years ago.  I am particularly pleased all of our students had the chance to be witness to a historic College event.

Over the next two weeks we have the scheduled Parent/Teacher Interviews with your son's Homeroom Teacher.  These 10 minute meetings have a pastoral focus and are an opportunity for your son's teacher to relay back to you how he has begun the year: degrees of organisation and readiness noted, whether there is an awareness and acceptance of the increased expectations of a new Year Level and what habits and routines should have commenced.  It is also a valuable opportunity for you to relay information regarding your son or ask your questions about anything that will help you keep pace with what is going on and the expectations we have of your son.

This Friday our Middle School Assembly is dedicated to presenting the Certificates of Academic Excellence Awards earned by Middle School boys at the end of 2018.  An Academic Excellence Award in the MYP is earned in Year 7 or 8 when a boy achieves a total of 30+ grade points from his top 5 subjects in his semester report.  Each subject area has a possible mark out of 7, meaning grades of 6 or better are usually required.  A valuable read for parents is on the Teaching and Learning website which can be accessed on then go to Assessment & Reporting/Middle School.  This page, essentially of FAQ's, provides an excellent overview of the assessment and feedback processes in Middle School.



Drop Off & Pick Up

A plea for help.  Please do not drop off or pick up your son from Shenton Road before or after school.  The temptation to run across the road is fraught with risk and models dangerous practice to younger eyes.  Vehicles ducking into the Boarding House driveway or pulling into a neighbour's driveway on Shenton Road also sends a flurry of correspondence to our office from frustrated neighbours who have been blocked in by vehicles doing drop off or pick up.

The set down and pick up points for Middle School boys are:  

  1. Kiss & Go car park off Stirling road, adjacent to the playing fields.
  2. Gooch Pavilion via Fern Street
  3. Wright Avenue set down/pick up bays

Please drop your son off in a safe location even if it means an extra walk.  I promise we will understand if he is a little late.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Middle School Inter-House Swimming Carnival

The Middle School Inter-House Swimming Carnival was held on Tuesday 5 February at HBF Stadium.  The event was officially opened by one of our Middle School Pipers, Joshua Hooke (8.7), who did an outstanding performance leading the School in a march around the pool.

There were many outstanding performances both in and out of the pool.  For the second year running, the very first heat of the day saw a record broken.  Xavier Smith (6.2) broke the 50m Butterfly record set in 2018, finishing with a time of 34.20seconds.  Later in the day, Xavier went on to break the 50m Freestyle record standing from 2005, swimming a time of 29.63.

Another record from the day was an outstanding swim by the four Year 7 Robert House swimmers; Tex Cross (7.3), Ben Flynn (7.3), Clancy Banfield (7.4) and Cameron Schirmer(7.3) who broke the 4x50m Freestyle record, swimming 2:19.02.

House spirit was on show throughout the day, most notably during the finals and 4 x 50m relays.  It was great to see so many boys support not only their fellow House members, but all swimmers in the pool.

swim2.jpg  swim3.jpg  swim4.jpg

Final results from the day were:

1st         Robert            2427

2nd       Gordon           2325

3rd        Bruce             2175

4th          David             2042

5th        Andrew           2033

6th        James             1913

Congratulations to Robert House who are back on the winners list.  Thank you to all of the family and friends who came to watch and support the boys on what was a great day.


Mr Michael Brinsden
Middle School Sport


Year 6 ySafe Parent Seminar

We are delighted to welcome back Jordan Foster from ySafe to run a cyber saftey seminar for parents on Wednesday 13 March. The hour long seminar will commence at 6.30pm in the MacKellar Hall, followed by Q&A.

Jordan is a psychologist and director at ySafe, a Perth based cyber safety organisation which aims to give skills and knowledge to parents over the dangers that the internet presents.  She has visited the College over the last three years to help our boys learn to stay safe when they are online.

On 13 March Jordan will spend time with the Year 6 students during the day to give them some tips and tools to help stay safe when they are online.  Parents are invited to hear more details about Jordan's presentation and any cyber safety suggestions given to the boys at the evening presentation.

To register for this seminar, please click here.

RSVPs will close on Monday 11 March.  If you have any queries, please contact Katie Kent via the Junior School Administration.

Mrs Pina Giglia
Deputy Head of Middle School


Student Achievements

Congratulations to Charlie Clynk (Year 8.3) and Sebastian Houston (Year 8.4) who recently co-captained the Melville U14s Saints team at the Australian Youth Water Polo Championships in Brisbane.  They were one of the younger teams competing and placed 18th out of 40 at the end of the competition.


Important Dates in Middle School Summer Term

Wednesday 20 February

Academic Assessment Testing for late enrolments/catch up 8.30am DC

Friday 22 February

MS Parent/Teacher Pastoral Meetings Conclude

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Scotch Parents' Middle School Sundowner, 6.30pm Gooch Pavilion

Monday 25 February


Tuesday 26 February


SEQTA Engage Parent Workshop, 3.30pm MS Library

SEQTA Engage Parent Workshop, 6.00pm MS Library

Wednesday 27 February

SEQTA Engage Parent Workshop, 9.00am MS Library

Friday 1 March

Mid-Term Break (no classes)

Monday 4 March

Labour Day (no classes)

Tuesday 5 March

MS Inter-House Philosothon (select students only)

Wednesday 6 March

Year 7 Vaccinations Round #1

Year 8 Drama Excursion

Thursday 7 March

JPSSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival

Friday 8 March

College Open Day

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Monday 11 March

Year 7.7 Moray Programme Departs

Thursday 14 March

Year 7.7 Moray Programme Returns

PSA Inter-School Swimming Carnival, 5.15pm HBF Stadium

Monday 18 March

Year 7.1/7.2 Moray Programme Departs

Thursday 21 March

Year 7.1/7.2 Moray Programme Returns

Friday 22 March

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Year 7 Scotch Parents' Function (details tba)

Saturday 23 March

Head of the River

Monday 25 March

Year 7.3/7.4 Moray Programme Departs

Thursday 28 March

Year 7.3/7.4 Moray Programme Returns

Saturday 30 March

Year 7 2020 Scholarship Testing, 8.20am MS

Monday 1 April

Year 7.5/7.6 Moray Programme Departs

Tuesday 2 April

Year 6/7 Production "Worry Warts" All Day Dress Rehearsal, Foundation Theatre

Thursday 4 April

Year 7.5/7.6 Moray Programme Returns

Year 6/7 "Worry Warts" Production Opening Night, 7.00pm Foundation Theatre

Friday 5 April

MS Assembly, 12.00pm DC

Year 6/7 "Worry Warts" Production, 7.00pm Foundation Theatre

Saturday 6 April

Year 6/7 "Worry Warts" Production, 2.00pm Foundation Theatre

Sunday 7 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track Departs (Residential Life Students only)

Wednesday 10 April

Year 8 Bibbulmun Track Returns (Residential Life Students only)

Friday 12 April

Summer Term Concludes, 3.25pm


Mr Peter Burt - Head of Senior School

Senior School

Mr Peter Burt
Head of Senior School

From the Head of Senior School

We often speak about being "proud" of something or someone, but why is that important to each of us? Individually we all have certain values and beliefs that guide us and our decision making, and we also have expectations that are placed on us by the communities to which we belong. We try to uphold these values and beliefs and will often have a sense of pride if we exceed them. We also feel more connected to the community that we belong to, whether it be our House or the College in a school context, or as part of our local or global community, when we are endeavouring to live by those values and beliefs. Connection and a sense of belonging are important parts of our relationships and being part of a community. We show our allegiance by wearing our colours, our uniform. This helps us feel part of something and we are proud to represent our team or group. We encourage the boys to wear our Scotch uniform with pride, whether it be for school, sport or any other co-curricular involvement.

We are part of a great community here at Scotch, and we all contribute in different ways and strive to do what we know is right. Others will identify us and, at times, make judgements and it is important that we are aware of our actions and endeavour to act in a manner that upholds our standards. Do we always get it right? Of course not, and there are times when we may feel disappointed, upset or embarrassed. Times when we don't feel as proud of ourselves, or our actions. Recognising that is important, understanding why we feel this way and why others may also feel this way is also important. That's when we can lean on our community and those closest to us. We can also look out for those who may be having a tough time and reach out to them. We can continue to build on the strength of our community by connecting with others, showing compassion and supporting those around us. That is the right thing to do and something to be proud of.

This was re-enforced to me during the week when I heard about a Senior School student who realised a student from a local primary school was distressed as she didn't know the way from the train station to her school. The Senior School boy went out of his way to walk the student to her school and make sure she was okay. It is these small, but very important acts of kindness that help us connect as a community and feel proud about who we are.


Careers Information

University Information

Notre Dame University
Upcoming events  
13 March Thinking beyond careers: Parent Info Evening
18 March Facebook Live: Pathways to NDA
24 March Medicine Info Session
Click on the event name to register or visit

University of Western Australia

Fogarty Foundation Scholarship

Applications are now open for this prestigious award which has been established to provide senior secondary students with an opportunity to undertake a cycle 1 undergraduate degree course and then a cycle 2 postgraduate degree by coursework at the University. The scholarship is intended for students who show significant academic potential, together with leadership ability and other outstanding achievements throughout Year 11 and 12.

Apply Now >>

Closing date: 24 May 2019 for Year 12 students commencing in 2020.

University of Melbourne
Applications for the Hansen Scholarship Program, the University of Melbourne's new flagship equity scholarship, open on 1 March. Provided by benefactors Jane Hansen and Paul Little, the program brings together an unrivalled package of benefits for high-achieving domestic students who may otherwise struggle financially to access higher education.
Information sessions will be held in late February and early March – but candidates can get a head start on their applications by previewing the application questions now and gathering the documents they'll need to submit.
Students in regional, rural, and remote communities are particularly encouraged to apply.

University of WA

Get a head-start on university life

UWA are offering a free information session will help make the Year 10 or 11 experience a positive one, even if the student is unsure of what to study in the future.
Find out more about:

  • UWA's internationally recognised course model
  • Courses and entry requirements;
  • How to keep your options open when selecting your upper-school subjects; and
  • Student life and support services
  • On-campus activities and events offered to Year 10 and 11 students.

You can also talk directly to faculty specialists, academic teaching staff and current UWA students.


  • Alexander Lecture Theatre & Murdoch Lecture Theatre
  • Map location

Date and time

  • Monday 18 March
  • Faculty and student life expo: 6.00pm, Presentation: 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Register now

Medicine and Dentistry

Are you currently studying in years 10, 11 or 12? Are you considering a career in medicine or dentistry? If you have answered 'YES', then you will need to sit a compulsory entry exam known as UCAT (Undergraduate Clinical and Aptitude Test) before you can apply for certain universities!

There are several opportunities for students in Year 10/11 & 12 to attend free information sessions to learn more about the UCAT.

National Institute of Education will be conducting a FREE information session about UCAT and Undergraduate Pathways into Medicine on  22 February 2019, at 6.00pm, at Canning Vale College) the Click here to secure your FREE ticket to attend the seminar. Parents are also invited and encouraged to attend. The seminar will be conducted by NIE's Principal Lecturer and Interview program coordinator, Mr. Zobair Bary. Mr Bary has been actively writing programs and facilitating seminars for the National Institute of Education for over 10 years. He has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the processes and requirements in Australia to get into Undergraduate and Postgraduate medical degrees.

ICan Med is conducting a free information session for Scotch & PLC students on  Wednesday 6 March 2019 from 3:45 pm – 5:45 pm in the  PLC Auditorium. Register through:

ICan Med is offering a repeat session at MLC on Thursday, 7 March from 6.30pm - 8.30pm Hadley Hall.

Register through:

GREaT WA Nursing and Midwifery Work Experience Program

The Get Real Experience and Try (GREaT) Nursing and Midwifery Work Experience Program has been developed to encourage high school students to experience nursing prior to studying it with a State Training Provider or at university.

The program has been developed for Year 10 high school students to experience the many aspects of nursing and midwifery in a clinical setting while observing the team in action. Over five consecutive days students will rotate through many areas previously not available to school students to find out what it's really like to be a nurse or midwife and what nurses and midwives really do.

The program runs between school terms 2 to 4. The exact intake dates will vary between each hospital and students can submit up to three placement preferences upon application.

Applications for the 2019 GREaT Program close 5.00pm Friday 8 March.

Apply now

Late applications will not be considered. Successful applicants and their schools will be notified via email by Friday 5 April  2019.

Find out more –

GREaT information guide for parents and guardians

US and UK University Information Session

Crimson Education are presenting an information evening for parents and students  highlighting where ATAR/IB score can actually take them. 
Students will be exposed to the experience of a US and UK university from an academic, career opportunities, college life perspective and much, much more.
This is catered for any student in Years 9-12.

Event details:

Perth to the Ivy Leagues and Beyond: Where your ATAR/IB can take you
Date: Tuesday 26 February 2019
Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Location: St Catherine's College, 2 Park Road, Crawley WA 6009

2020 Gap Year

As you may know, since 2005 Letz Liv has specialised in the recruitment of Australian gap year assistants in schools (traditionally boarding schools) across New Zealand, Thailand and the United Kingdom. All positions offered to potential applicants from Scotch College WA will be provided with board and lodging in addition to a weekly stipend during their time abroad. Depending on the country of destination, placements are either six or eleven months in duration.

Further details and information can be accessed at

Lattitude Global Volunteering

Over past years students from Scotch College have undertaken a gap year with Lattitude Global Volunteering, in particular the 12 month option of Schools Assistant in boarding schools in the UK.

Please note that the priority deadline for applications in 2020 is Friday 8 March 2019. This will give students the best chance at securing their first preference for the more popular programs.  If this isn't possible there a midyear application deadline on Friday 14 June 2019 and there will be rolling applications after this date for any remaining placements.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


Important Dates in Senior School Summer Term





Week 4B

Tuesday 19 February

Year 10 Allwell testing

Year 11 Marine and Maritime (General) Sailing Course

Freshwater Bay

All day

Wednesday 20 February

Salvation Army Soup Kitchen


6.15am – 9.30am

Parent Support Breakfast

Dining Room Annexe

7.30am – 9.00am

OzCLO Competition training session


12.10pm – 2.30pm

Year 11 Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Dickinson Centre

4.00pm – 8.00pm

Thursday 21 February

Year 1 Politics and Law Excursion

Parliament House and Francis Burt Law Centre

8.30am – 3.25pm

Year 11 Marine and Maritime (General) Sailing Course

Freshwater Bay

8.30am – 3.25pm

Friday 22 February

Senior School Marching and Assembly

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 9.45am

PSA Sport – Scotch College v Guildford Grammar School (home) Please visit


1.00pm - various

Galadent Mouthguard Fittings (Boarders)

Health Centre

3.30pm – 6.00pm

Saturday 23 February

PSA Sport – Scotch College v Guildford Grammar School (home) Please visit


8.30am – various

PSA Rowing – Christ Church Grammar School Regatta

Champion Lakes

8.30am – noon

Galadent Mouthguard Fittings (Day Boys)

MacKellar Hall

10.00am – 2.00pm

Sunday 24 February

Year 12 Bibbulmun Track Expedition departs

Week 5A

Monday 25 February

Year 9 Rottnest Camp departs

Fremantle B Shed

8.15am for 9.00am departure

Tuesday 26 February

Year 11 and 12 Diploma Design Technology Excursion

Royal Perth Hospital

8.00am – 2.00pm

Year 11 Drama Day

Scotch College

8.30am – 3.25pm

Year 10 Allwell testing – catch up day

PSA Swimming Quads

HBF Stadium

6.00pm – 9.30pm

Thursday 28 February

Pipe Band Parents' Welcome Afternoon Tea

Dining Room Annexe

1.30pm – 3.30pm

Pipe Band Basel Tour – Parent Information Session

Dining Room Annexe

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Year 9 Rottnest Camp returns

Rous Head, Fremantle


Friday 1 March

Mid-Term Break (no classes)

Saturday 2 March

Year 12 Bibbulmun Track Expedition (End to end completion)



Monday 4 March

Mid-Term Break (no classes)

Boarding House opens – boys due back by 5.30pm

3.00pm – 5.30pm


Boys' Achievements

Academic Excellence Year 8, Semester 2, 2018 

First Name

















St. Andrews



St. Andrews












St. Andrews










































































Van Wyk




















Youth on Health State Final certificates

Patrick Eastough, Year 11 Ferguson
Charles Maxwell, Year 11 Alexander
Josh Keatch, Year 11 Keys
Flynn Le Cornu, Year 11 Anderson






St Andrews






























U/16 50m Backstroke

New Record: 30.16 sec set by Nicolas Le Page Year 10 Anderson House

U/16 50m Freestyle

New Record: 26.29 sec set by Macsen Friday Year 10 Alexander

U/16 50m Butterfly

New Record: 28.23 sec set by Ruan Van Der Reit Year 10 Ross

U/17 50m Butterfly

New Record: 27.61 sec set by Nicholas Monger-Molowny Year 11 Alexander

U/17 50m Breaststroke

New Record: 31.49 sec set by Jesse Coughlan Year 11 Alexander


Support Groups

Scotch Parents

Upcoming Events

  • Middle School Sundowner – Gooch Pavilion Friday 22 Feb at 6.30pm
  • Year 9 Parent & House Heads Dinner – Dining Room Monday 11 March at 6.30pm

Tickets for the Middle School Sundowner are closing shortly and are available by visiting the Scotch College website and clicking on the "Book a Scotch Event" icon.  Tickets for the Year 9 Parent and House Head Dinner will be available shortly.

Year 12 Parents – Save the Date

  • Wednesday 27 February - Year 12 Parents Cocktail Evening
  • Thursday 14 March - Year 12 Parents morning coffee

2019 Scotch Parents Biennial Ball – Saturday 30 March

Always a fantastic night…the theme for the Parents Ball this year is "Speakeasy" styled around the 1930's. It will be held this year in the Dickinson Centre in a more informal setting with pre-ball drinks served on the top lawn. Please save the date – tickets will go on sale on 1 March. The Ball is a not-for-profit event and a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other parents.

Ms Sara Hector
Scotch Parents


Michael Silbert President of the OSC


Mr Michael Silbert
President of the OSC

Old Scotch Collegians and members of the extended Scotch College community are warmly invited to attend social sundowners in Katanning on Thursday 28 February and Albany on Friday 1 March.

Past students from all years and their partners are invited to attend, along with current and past parents, as well as any prospective families who are interested in Scotch College. Matt Bradley and Grant Bennett from Residential Life will be attending and will give guests an update on Scotch College initiatives and programmes. To register for catering purposes, please email the OSC office at

We also look forward to welcoming back past students from the Class of 2009 at their ten year reunion on Friday 15 March. Past students from this cohort (even if they left Scotch prior to 2009) are able to register here.

Other upcoming events include the OSC Annual General Meeting & Sundowner on Tuesday 19 March and the Goland Club Reunion Dinner on Thursday 21 March. A more complete list of our 2019 can be found on the Upcoming Events page of the alumni website. We look forward to seeing our Old Boys at an event in 2019!


Community Notices

An Evening with Sir Bob Geldof

DATE:            Wednesday, 13 March 2019
TIME:             6.00pm (for 6.30pm start) to 9.00pm
VENUE:         Joy Shepherd Performing Arts Centre, St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls
                      26 Bay View Terrace
                      Mosman Park WA 6012
COST:            $75 per person - for ASBA Members and non-members
PARKING:      Limited school oval parking and hard stand car parking available

As a campaigner for numerous causes throughout the world, Sir Bob Geldof is able to use his high profile to great effect. From African famines to business and global politics, Sir Bob has raised awareness of a wide range of issues. Rising to fame thanks to his music career with The Boomtown Rats, Sir Bob soon turned his attention to charity, organising Band Aid and the fundraising event Live Aid. In light of his charity work, he received a knighthood in 1986. Through his co-ownership of Planet 24, a production company that launched The Big Breakfast in 1992, Sir Bob became recognised as an astute businessman. Sir Bob has received a number of awards, including the 'Nobel Man of Peace Award', several Honorary Doctorates and a number of Nobel Peace Prize nominations.
Prior to Sir Bob Geldof's keynote, Chandler Comerford will share his leadership journey as a former US Navy SEAL officer, Chandler provides insight into what traits are required to succeed in the world's toughest military training program.
Chandler's message is that you are capable of more than you think resonates with all audiences.

Register your attendance here. Registrations close 8 March 2019