The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

From the Director of Citizenship and Service

Two weeks ago ,  I wrote about the number of teachers visiting our College, including recently from Nauru College and Fountain Valley School, Colorado. Last week we welcomed Mr Stuart Walls, the Australasia and East Asia Round Square Representative who is also a teacher at Scotch Oakburn in Launceston, Tasmania. Interestingly, not only do we share a name and  a number of  Year 8 exchanges each year, Scotch  Oakburn  was also a strong inspiration for our Middle School design.       

This week, the College has welcomed a group of students and staff from Kununurra District High School's Clontarf Program. The group is in Perth for Country Week and is staying in our boarding house. As well as playing sport through the week, the students will also visit the Fremantle Football Club facilities and enjoy some other activities not available in Kununurra. On Tuesday night they will share dinner with our Year 8 students who will be hosted by Clontarf East Kimberley in Kununurra in August. It will be brilliant for our boys to have met these young men before joining them in their home environment. We wish the boys well in their Country Week competition and hope they enjoy their time at the College and in Perth.    

Round Square Exchange Parent & Student Information Evening    

The information evening for 2019/20  Round Square Exchanges  will be held on  Tuesday 30 July in the Memorial Hall.  

In recent years we have sent boys on exchange to six continents and 15 different schools. In 2018/19 we beg a n  n ew exchanges with school s  in Canada and Japan and renewed  our  relationship with Daly College in India.  Scotch  has an excellent relationship with these schools, and we try to be flexible to maximise the boys  h a ving a n exchange opportunity.   

The common feedback following exchanges is the rapid growth and maturity seen in the boys. I encourage you to keep in mind that while many of your boys are only just turning 14, the opportunities presented will be occurring over the next 18 months. Another thing that should be at the forefront of your thinking is that your son will not be on a holiday but in fact attending school and experiencing another learning environment, not just another country.   

For more information, please click here. I encourage all Year 9 parents and their sons to come along on 30 July and get an understanding of what an incredible opportunity a Round Square exchange is.  

Scotch College's City to Surf Team  

Ferguson House has organised for a Scotch College team to run the 4km and 12km  distance  of the City to Surf  fun run  in order to raise money for Rocky Bay Disability Service. This is open to all year groups, parents, siblings, teachers, and staff  in an effort to  bring the whole College together for a common goal.   

Scotch has long been committed to Rocky Bay Disability Services and our Year 10 students regularly visit the care and support facility in  Mosman  Park. Rocky Bay supports people with a disability and aims to optimise the quality of life for their clients. Ferguson House has chosen to support them through the City to Surf and all donations to the Scotch Team or participating for the Scotch team is greatly appreciated to support Rocky Bay.  

Donate to the team here and join the City to Surf Team here.