The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Welcome to the final edition of The Thistle for Autumn Term. Over the last few weeks there have been so many successful events and activities, none more so than the College's Senior School production. The Government Inspector proved to be a huge success in so many ways and provided a great point of celebration for our students, staff and the wider community. Last Friday night our annual Jazz Night was held and once again proved to be a very special night out. Congratulations to Mr Loveday and our music staff, FOSM and of course the large number of students who sang and played as part of the programme. Thanks to our parents and many of their friends for coming along and supporting the evening.

Our Junior School cross country team, (including our Year 6 boys from Middle School), did the college proud last Thursday by taking out the JPSSA cross country meet. Well done boys and coaches on a great effort.

In a report entitled "Happy Schools - a framework for learner wellbeing in the Asia Pacific" (p XII), Friendships and relationships in the school community ranked as the most important factor among respondents in terms of what makes a happy school. The reports’ findings identifying school practices that encourage parental involvement, foster interactions and friendships between students of different grades, and school activities that directly involve community members. I believe Scotch is an exemplary community in this regard.

Another important criterion for happy schools is positive teacher attitudes and attributes, which include characteristics such as kindness, enthusiasm and fairness, and the role of teachers in serving as inspiring, creative and happy role models for learners. At Scotch we take this into account through our teacher recruitment and evaluation processes, so as to place more emphasis on teacher personality, attitude and ethics when hiring and assessing teachers. Choosing teachers and all other staff based on cultural congruence and fit is vital.

Throughout last week, I saw many students from all three sub-schools, who came to my office for a Headmaster’s commendation. While I had many discussions with the students on previous schools, current subjects, sport and life at Scotch in general, the one constant topic is the respect that our boys hold for their teachers. This is evident across all sub-schools. Our boys fully understand and can clearly articulate the impact their teachers have on their day to day journey at Scotch.

This term has been very productive and busy. I would like to thank our dedicated staff, the parents and of course, our students, for the energy they bring to our College each and every day. With a three week break ahead of us all, I encourage everyone to find time to relax and break the usual routines in readiness for returning to school refreshed and ready for all that Winter Term will bring.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement for all that we do to make our boys’ experience the best it can be.

Have great break.