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Technology Enriching Visual Art

The Visual Arts in Middle School has seen the introduction of the iPad into the programme in 2019, accompanying the current cohort of Year 6’s.  The technology and power of the iPad is impressive, and in planning for its introduction we carefully considered how it could be incorporated into the current structure as an additional art making tool, to both complement and enhance the range of skills the boys develop in the Visual Arts.

I am a firm believer that a good portion of the genuine value of a quality Visual Arts course at a Middle School level is in the transferable soft skills students learn and apply in tasks, which they can then utilise in other subject areas as well as into their life beyond school.  Skills such as: creative thinking, problem solving, lateral thinking, non-verbal communication, conceptualisation, mindfulness, perseverance, innovation and suspension of resolution, to name but a few.

We also have a responsibility to be forward thinking in trying to visualise and understand the kinds of key proficiencies these boys will require in their world as they begin to enter the workforce in around 2030, and see the Visual Arts as a learning area very well positioned to support that.

The 2018 World Economic Forum ‘Future of Jobs Report’ says of only 2022:

‘Proficiency in new technologies is only one part of the 2022 skills equation, however, as ‘human’ skills such as creativity, originality and initiative, critical thinking, persuasion and negotiation will likewise retain or increase their value, as will attention to detail, resilience, flexibility and complex problem-solving.’ P 11.

To this end, and in a practical sense, I have been extremely impressed with how dexterous the boys have been with their application of the technology in Summer Term in Visual Art, and I am certain that it has absolutely enriched the quality of the work they have produced so far.

 art1.jpg  art2.jpg  art3.jpg

By Joseph Finn Year 6.3                                     By Lachlan Cairns Year 6.1                               By Oliver Cooper Year 6.1  

Mr Scott Bycroft
Visual Arts Teacher