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Art News

During Visual Art, the 5L boys have been observing different flowers and the meanings associated with them. Each boy selected a flower that they felt best represented their own mother.  After careful observation, the boys each created a beautiful watercolour flower painting to give as a gift to their mother. The artworks were shared as part of a special Mother's Day assembly which was presented on Friday 10 May.  Each boy explained why they had chosen their individual flower and how it reflect their feelings about their mother. The 5L classroom teacher Irene Louden, had filmed the boys sending a wonderful message to their mums to let them know why they are so special. The assembly was a joyful celebration of motherhood and it was the perfect opportunity to highlight and recognise all those who play a motherly role in our lives.

art-thistle-pic-1.jpg art-thistle-pic2.jpg

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist