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8.3 Studies Perth – The Sinking City

Today, over two thirds of the world's population live within a few kilometres of the coast, but as the boys in 8.3 are learning, the coastline can be a very vulnerable place.  Storms are becoming more frequent and violent, and as the climate warms, sea levels continue to rise.

Over Summer Term, our class has been investigating communities that live in close proximity to these volatile, coastal landscapes.  Students have been studying a range of geographical factors including how a coastline is affected by forces such as erosion, weathering, waves, climate change and human interferences.  In Week 8, boys attended a Geography field trip where they put their knowledge and skills to the test, examining the popular seaside hotspot, Bathers Beach.

On their return to school, students designed a future management solution for the region, weighing up how best to satisfy the wants and needs of the community.  Boys thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to use their skills in an authentic seaside setting and particularly relished the chance to enjoy fish and chips on the beach!

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Ms Lisa O'Toole
8.3 Homeroom Teacher