The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

The Raven

The Spring edition of The Raven is out. Congratulations to the following boys who have had their creative writing or visual art published in it:

Jim Allan (Year 10, Cameron), Oliver Barrett (Year 10, Brisbane), Hunter Bergersen (Year 10, Keys), Jasper Blunt (Year 10, Stuart), Pearson Chambel (Year 10, St Andrews), Joshua Colliere (Year 10, Cameron), Oliver Constantine (Year 10, Shearer), Sidney Cullen Falconer (Year 8, Gordon), Andrew Eidne (Year 10, Ferguson), Harry Frodsham (Year 10, Alexander), Johan Gawan-Taylor (Year 10, Cameron), Ashlin Hall (Year 10, Stuart), Harry Hansom (Year 10, Alexander), Matthew Howie (Year 10, Ross), Robbie MacGregor (Year 11, Keys), Thomas Macknay (Year 8, Robert), Cole McLarty (Year 10, Cameron), Alexander Melville (Year 10, Ross), Daniel Messina (Year 11, Keys), Izayah Mongoo (Year 11, Stuart), Lachlan Phillips (Leaving Year 12, Anderson), Benjamin Scott (Year 10, Ross), Ahmad Sgro (Year 10, Ferguson), Benjamin Sharrin (Year 11, Keys), Lachlan Simpson (Year 11, Stuart), Jock Thomson (Leaving Year 12, Anderson), James Walker (Year 10, Keys), Lachlan Watters (Year 10, St Andrews), Thomas Westcott (Year 10, Shearer), Joshua Woodward (Year 10, Cameron) and Yan (Terry) Zhou (Year 10, Cameron).

Also, you will find at the beginning of this edition of The Raven Will Bosisto's (2010 Vice Captain of School) adaptation of Rupert McCall's poem "Green and Gold Malaria" which was read by Lachlan Phillips, Captain of School 2018 at the Final Year 12 Assembly.

You can visit this new Spring edition of The Raven via the Scotch homepage. Any boy who has creative writing that he would like to submit to The Raven can send a copy to

Dr Jeannette Weeda
English Teacher