The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 3W News

This term has seen the boys venturing afar with two excursions as well as an exciting mural project to be carried out in the Junior School.

Our first foray was to the John Forrest National Park where we were immersed in an indigenous workshop, learning the customs and culture of Noongar people. The boys learned how to craft jewellery, paint, follow animal tracks and spear their prey. They were fascinated by the stories and experiences that our guide shared with them; it even distracted them from the incessant flies that day!

Next, we took to the streets of Perth, completing a scavenger hunt to find and identify street art, justifying and reasoning about the choices that we had made based on our personal perspectives. After this, we visited the Art Gallery of WA, participated in a tour of some famous pieces and participated in a workshop to explore how 'Every Picture Tells a Story.'

As if that wasn't enough, we have recently enjoyed the expertise and excitement of our visiting artist, James Giddy. He is a former Scotch College pupil who is now fully employed in the Public Art scene, designing and painting large-scale works of art on buildings, grain silos and walls. He will work alongside the boys to create a mural for our school and we are very excited about the results. You will, quite literally, have to 'Watch This Space'!

With best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday.

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Mrs Alison Webster
Year 3 Teacher