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Performing Arts News

Dance is the theme of Spring Term in Performing Arts. One of our projects has gotten off to a spooky start as the boys in Years 3 to 5 channel their inner Michael Jackson to learn the steps of the infamous 'Thriller' dance. Some boys have been surprised at how easy it is to learn and memorise the complicated looking moves by breaking them down into smaller steps and learning how to 'say' the dance script. Being able to 'say' the dance has enabled them to practice anywhere and at any time. The boys have proven that closing their eyes and visualising themselves practising the dance can be just as effective as physically performing the routine. Prepare yourselves for a thrilling flash mob performance before the end of the year!

Boys in Year 1 and 2 have been exploring musical elements through a dance lens. Their favourite dance from the past week was Jack and Peter, a cumulative dance from France. This dance was divided into an A and B section, offering plenty of opportunities to create and arrange ostinati movements. Here are a few snaps of our talented Year 1 choreographers.

img_2130.jpg img_2131.jpg img_2131.jpg

Miss Phebe Samson
Performing Arts Teacher