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8.7B Wall of Affirmation

The world of a teenage boy can be a minefield. Not only do they have to navigate their way through the difficult terrain of equations, investigations, essays and assessments, but they also have to tread carefully through the sometimes muddy swamp of playground politics. To counter this, it is only natural to stick to a certain group of friends within a comfort zone and steer clear of those who may think, behave or even look differently to ourselves.

To help break down the habit of only seeing difference at the expense of recognising the positive in each person, Year 8.7B has established a Wall of Affirmation. Each boy has created a personalised pocket which is now pinned onto the classroom wall. A couple of times a week during our Wellbeing sessions, the boys are asked to choose one of their peers and write down a private message of affirmation. This affirmation is one that positively recognises the individual skills, talents, qualities or even actions of a peer, even if that individual is not someone they may be naturally drawn too. These are then placed into the boy's pocket.

8b1.jpg  8b2.jpg

At the end of the year, each boy will take home their pocket of affirmation to read, with the aim of reminding them of the great things that they have brought to our classroom this year and, hopefully, filling them with confidence to tackle the unchartered territory of Year 9 in the Senior School.

Ms Robyn Bose
Year 8.7B Homeroom Teacher