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Want to know what your son is learning? Just click here…

As a relatively new parent when it comes to my own children's experience at school, I am already finding my thoughts of engaging family discussions around the dinner table about learning are a misguided reality.

The reality works something like this:

Me: Isabella, what did you learn in school today?

Isabella: That my teacher is not married…

Me: That's nice, what else did you learn?

Isabella: That Mrs Sanderson supports the Giants in AFL.

Me: Did you learn any new words or numbers?

Isabella: I don't know…Can I go outside.

Me: Yes...

At the College, this may not represent your interaction with your son. However, if it does, we would like to give you a small head start to ask some questions with a clearer focus. This year Mr Brad Tyrell and library staff have worked in conjunction with Deans of Teaching and Learning in each sub-school to deliver a newly updated course information page.

It can be accessed by clicking here.

Whilst not designed to be a detailed breakdown of content delivery. It should provide a broad overview for parents, as well as boys, to consider what it is they are learning now as well as looking into the future years ahead.

We hope that you find the resource useful and can engage more meaningful conversations about learning in your family home.

I am off to speak to Isabella.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning