The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Pre-Primary News

We have had a fabulous beginning to the new Pre-Primary year, with twenty one energic and intelligent boys willing to learn, grow and engage in all matter of learning.

This year, for the first time in our recent ELC history, we will be running all four PYP Units of Inquiry concurrently. This is a daunting, however, a very exciting challenge, as we are able to truly delve deeper into the inquiry process and utilise the Reggio Emilia Philosophy to bring forward the theories and wonderings the boys have.

The boys began the semester with the Unit of Inquiry "Who We Are" where they have explored what it means to be a son, a friend, and a learner in the broader community. The boys have explored the notion of friends through a variety of learning experiences that bring together the home to school link through a variety of rich picture books, small and whole group meetings, oral presentations and the boys own family contexts. They looked at themselves, literally, to discover their own uniqueness and drew a graphic representation in the form of a self-portrait.

They then reflected on the roles and responsibilities within their family and how these link back to the jobs they do at school. Jobs such a tidying your room, relate to cleaning up after ourselves at school, caring for their toys at home translates to caring for the resources at school. Many of the boys realised that they didn't act as responsibly at home as much as they did at school and therefore asked their parents if they could begin to do chores a wonderful example of taking action.

The boys made links to the wider school community when they walked through the Junior School and surrounding buildings to find people who support them. The boys bought back their newly found knowledge and then made a mapped of the Junior School experiences in order to be able to tell others. We will be inviting members of the wider school and local community to the ELC to explain the role and responsibility they play in their specialist area with the intention of evoking the understanding that we are all connected and support each other.

This Unit of Inquiry will continue to grow along with the boys.

Mrs Sue Phillips
Pre-Primary Teacher