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What's Wrong With Our Boys? - Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2017

For the last sixteen years, Mission Australia has surveyed young people annually in order to identify their values and issues of concern.

In 2017, over 24,000 15-19 year olds were surveyed. There were some really hopeful findings - young people value their family relationships and school satisfaction. They were generally optimistic with around two thirds feeling positive about the future.

When asked about issues they had personally been concerned with over the last twelve months, they said coping with stress, school/study problems and body image ranked as the top three issues of concern. The top national issues identified were equity and discrimination, alcohol and drugs.

For the first time, young people identified mental health as the most important issue in Australia today (doubled since 2015, tripled since 2011).

See the findings here.

Ms Shauna Lipscombe
Senior School Psychologist