The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 3S News

We have had an action-packed start to the year in 3S and it is only the beginning (pardon the pun) of our Year 3 learning journey. We have explored so many exciting topics and seen some fabulous things. Highlights include our excursion to Penguin Island during our first unit of inquiry, where we explored animal communities before looking closely at the communities we ourselves are associated with. Another highlight was our involvement in sorting out the Loose Parts for everyone to enjoy. We incorporated new toys to use during recess and lunch and discarded old ones that could no longer be used. We then delivered all new Loose Parts to the ELC, we spent time helping them set up an Essential Agreement for using their new toys and even stayed around to play with them, giving them some creative ideas. Overall, we learned a great deal about communities but more importantly, we learned how our active involvement can improve our community and make a positive difference to others.

In our current unit of inquiry, we have been exploring human rights, as well as animal rights, and look forward to presenting our learnings in our upcoming assembly. We hope to shed light on the fact that not all humans, or animals, are afforded the same rights as each other and that in order for the world to be a better place for everyone and everything, this needs to change. In coming weeks, we will investigate some of the reasons as to why not everyone has the same opportunities, including race, gender, poverty and government influence. Overall, this is a confronting unit, but we look forward to learning more about how people exist around the world and what we can do to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Mrs Larree Springall
Year 3 Teacher