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Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment - what does it mean for my son?

The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) is a programme run by the School Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA). Each year, in March and September students sit an online assessment in reading, writing and/or numeracy, if they have not yet qualified in that area through Year 9 NAPLAN. Once they have demonstrated the required level they do not need to sit that component again.

Students pre-qualify by reaching Band 8 in their Year 9 NAPLAN assessment in either reading, writing or numeracy. The boys who do not reach Band 8 in these areas will sit one, two or three assessments to meet the SCSA requirements for literacy and numeracy in WA.

The College is well equipped to support students to meet the OLNA standard

As the prequalification for OLNA is above the National and State average, more than 50% of students across WA sit the OLNA in Year 10. At Scotch College this has been between 10% and 16% of our students for numeracy, between 22% and 25% sit the reading test, and between 37% and 40% are required to sit the writing test. After the March round in Year 10 about 5.9% of Scotch College students still need to qualify in numeracy, 5.2% for reading and 6.2% for writing.

It is important for parents to be aware a vast majority of students satisfy the standard for these assessments by the end of Year 10. Students who are required to sit the assessments have support leading up to the tests to familiarise themselves with the format and online environment.

Additional opportunities are offered if necessary to our students to demonstrate they meet the standard. Students have two opportunities in Year 10, two opportunities in Year 11 and two opportunities in Year 12 to complete OLNA.

During Year 11 and 12 individual support programmes are in place to help students who are still working towards the standard. These programmes are coordinated by our excellent Academic Support staff.

FAQ about OLNA on the College's teaching and learning website can be found here.

More information from the SCSA in relation to OLNA can be found here.

Practice assessments can be found here.

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If you have any concerns regarding your son and OLNA, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning