The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Year 5A News

What a tremendous start to the year. Our first Unit of Inquiry was, 'How we organise ourselves' and our central idea detailed; rules and regulations have an effect on citizens and governments. With this in mind, the 5A boys are becoming budding politicians. Watch this space, as a number of the boys have definitely caught the politics bug.

The year started off with an informative excursion to Parliament House. The boys participated in three activities and met with the local MP, Mr Sean L'Estrange, who gave some insight into political life. All boys participated in a role play in the Legislative Council and became aware of the different personalities we have in Western Australian Politics. They were walked through the process of voting and the three levels of governments in Australia; local, state and federal.

In the classroom, the boys met with the ex-premier of Western Australia, the Honorable Colin Barnett, who explained about how rules and regulations are passed in government. He also explained the process of passing a bill through parliament and what it means to the individual or parties who believe passionately in the bill. Thank you, Colin for Sunday and late-night shopping.

To top the Unit of Inquiry off, 5A presented an outstanding assembly. Their goal was to be able to teach the younger boys of the school all about Governments; what they are, why we have them, and how they are formed. Mrs Richie concluded that there was information presented during the assembly that she herself was unaware of. Tick, the boys completed their task with flying colours. Well done 5A.

Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Fiona Alexander