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Middle School Journey Comes To An End in 8.8M

With only two weeks remaining until they complete their Middle School journey the boys from 8.8M sat down to reflect on what their time in the Middle School has meant to them.

The final part of the boy's reflection was to produce a personal quote. The following is a sample of their quotes that sum up a range of perspectives from what the Middle School has meant to them to advice for incoming Middle School students:

"Middle School isn't just three years of education but three years of new, exciting experiences and friendships.'' - Aaron Cuthbertson

"Risks are essential to your years in the Middle School. When there is a chance to, take a risk and take advantage of the experiences at Scotch College that will come from this. Don't waste your chances, use them." - Luka Kalugin

"When you come to the Middle School, your life changes forever. School becomes a place to enjoy and a place where you are never alone. The uniform gives you pride, as does being part of the Scotch College community. Scotch College isn't just a school, it's a place to belong." - Max Ricci

"Middle School is the perfect preparation for life, it shows you that what you put in is what you get out." - Nick Vriezen

"I have enjoyed my time in the Middle School. Whilst I have learnt many things in the classroom, the most enjoyable aspect has been to make lifelong friends and feel part of the Scotch College community." - William Oxlade

Mr Darren Mumford
8.8M Homeroom Teacher