The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

End of Year Information

A final Senior School marching and assembly will be held at 8.35am on Friday 8 December.

Senior School will finish for the term at 1.00pm on Friday 8 December. Boys must clear their locker by this time.

Parents are invited to the Senior School Speech Night to be held on Friday 8 December in the Dickinson Centre, followed by Lights Out on the lawn in front of Collegians House. Please be seated by 6.15pm in preparation for a 6.30pm start.

Parking will be available on the Chapel oval with access via the roundabout near the swimming pool and on the streets surrounding the College. Please note parking restrictions on the west-side of Australind Street, Central Avenue and other streets surrounding the College.

Uniform requirements:

Winter uniform for Prize winners

Winter uniform for Leaving Year 12 boys

Summer uniform for all other boys

Please note that only the graduating Year 12 boys wear their striped blazer. All other boys wear the maroon blazer.

While this event is not compulsory, all boys are welcome to attend.

Senior School will resume for all boys in Years 9 to 12 on Tuesday 30 January with Week 1A.

Senior School Lockers/Locks

At the end of each calendar year boys are expected to clear out their lockers prior to lockers being locked by the Maintenance Staff during the holidays. It is important that parents are aware of this as many uncleared items are removed and can be returned to the owners the following year only if they have been clearly marked. Some items go into lost property and others are discarded. This causes a considerable amount of extra work for those involved and possibly the loss by boys and parents of some unmarked items. It would be helpful if parents were to ensure their sons had cleared out their lockers and removed the padlocks by the end of term. Boys should retain their school supplied padlocks for use in 2018.