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Second Languages at Scotch College

Spanish Language Classes 2018

As many of our community might already be aware, Scotch College is steadily becoming the Languages hub of Western Australia. We are lucky enough to host Balai Bahasa, Goethe Institute and 123 Soleil for out-of-school Indonesian, German and French language classes respectively. Scotch College is determined to promote the benefits of second language acquisition at any stage in life, which include improved memory, better decision-making skills and an enhanced understanding of one's first language- not to mention staving off Alzheimer's and dementia. Further to the impressive cognitive advantages to learning a second language, any language aficionado will tell you that some of the greatest joys are learning to appreciate a new culture and being able to communicate with local people in the target language.

As part of our ongoing resolve to encourage second language acquisition both in and out of school, we are excited to share the news that Scotch College Languages Department in conjunction with ASTWA (Association of Spanish Teachers of Western Australia) is planning to run evening classes in Spanish. The programme will be launched in March 2018 and we are currently calling for expressions of interest from all members of the Scotch College community. We hope you will be able to join us and share our enjoyment of the Spanish language and culture. The lessons are aimed at beginners and will focus on conversational exchanges that you will be able to put into practice on your next trip to España or Sudamérica.

If you would like to register your interest in enrolling or if you have any questions about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Ward ( or Kate Webster-Blythe ( The closing date for expressions of interest will be Friday 1 December 2017.

¡Hasta pronto!

Annual Alliance Française Competition

The Scotch College Languages Department are very pleased to congratulate the following boys for their prizes in the annual Alliance Française competition 2017. We had winners in both the junior Poetry competitions coordinated by Ms Perrot and Ms Vinton and in the August examinations for Year 11 and 12 last term.

The following boys were commended for their performance in the annual French competition (denoting school year at time of competition).

In the top 28% of candidates in the State were:

Arthur Payne (Year 11, St Andrews)

Adam Brenz-Verca (Year 11, Stuart)

Nicholas Clarnette (Year 12, Alexander).

In the top 9% of candidates were both:

Matteo Fortier (Year 11, Stuart)

Maurice Buren (Year 11, Shearer)

Maurice was then called to final interview and completed the second phase with 78% overall. This makes him one of the top Second Language candidates in WA for 2017.

The Prize winners are as follows:

Julien Montandon Year 7 and George Houvardas Year 6


Winners of the Background speaker prizes were:

Julien Montandon (Year 7, Robert)

Arnaud McVicker (Year 6, Gordon)

2nd prize for Second language speakers were:

George Houvardas (Year 6, Bruce)

Jarrod Hutchison (Year 4, Andrew)

Finally for the examination prize:

Winning the Background Speaker prize for Year 11 was:

Auxence Gide (Year 11, Anderson)

This was our best representation at the Alliance prize giving in recent years.

Mr Jonathan Rugg
Head of Languages