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Year 5A News

After 5 years of being involved in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Year 5 boys were able to create, apply and reflect on their learning with the process of Exhibition. Over the past 5 years, including the past 7 weeks, the boys have collaborated, inquired, researched and explored issues both globally and locally. After a few weeks of provocative inquiry, the boys were able to choose their own 'Burning Question' that they personally felt passionate and concerned about. They were able to think about how they could make a difference by acting upon the information they had gathered over the past few weeks.

On Wednesday 1 November, parents, educators and peers were taken on an Exhibition extravaganza. The boys had created their own statement piece reflecting their new-found knowledge. This was used to attract the attention of the audience and gain their interest to ask the boys questions about their journey. Below are some critiques from the day:

"Exhibition is an amazing experience for our boys to extend themselves. Such a valuable challenge that opens their eyes to the world. This is the reason why we choose Scotch".

"Marvellous, wish I could spend a full day or more seeing more presentations. 'Big companies, this is Year 5. You need to get your team leaders out into the world and see what is in the pipeline'."

It's impressive to see the confidence, enthusiasm and motivation of the boys and how they have improved as the process has unfolded. They are all very proud of their work, and it shows. Staff have done an amazing job and should be very proud.

The boys are now ready for their transition into Middle School to start their journey through the IB Middle Years Programme. Well done to all of you, you have made us exceptionally proud. Go forth and conquer

Please see our website to celebrate our Exhibition:

Mrs Fiona Alexander
Year 5A Teacher