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Year 12 WACE Examination Information

Examination Attendance

Message from Allan Blagaich, Executive Director School Curriculum & Standards Authority:

"Students are reminded that unless they sit the examination for an ATAR course, then that course will be deemed to be incomplete and will not be counted for ANY element of the WACE, nor will the pair of units for the Year 12 course appear on the student's WASSA. This is also the case related to attendance and participation in courses with practical examinations (students need to sit both components). This is particularly important if students are still counting the number of "C" grades they are required to achieve."


If a student's performance in a WACE examination is affected by a temporary sickness, non-permanent disability or unforeseen misadventure suffered immediately before or during the examination period OR a student is prevented from attending an examination due to illness or misadventure, a SICKNESS/MISADVENTURE APPLICATION FORM can be obtained from Mr Frusher or downloaded from the SCSA website for completion and forwarding to School Curriculum & Standards Authority. There is a long list of reasons that will not be accepted by School Curriculum & Standards Authority but if a student is unsure he needs to check with Mr Frusher.

Personalised Examination Timetables

Students are able to download a copy of their Personalised examination timetable from: Mr Frusher will also distribute a hard copy to all students this week.

Important - Please make your son aware of the following information which is also printed on the back of each personalised timetable.

  1. You must sign the front of your timetable before sitting the examinations and take it to every written examination. Replacement timetables can be downloaded from
  2. You must arrive at the examination centre at least 30 minutes before the prescribed start time for an examination (8.50 am for a morning examination and 1.30pm for an afternoon examination). Supervisors will allow candidates into the examination room before the prescribed start time so that administrative procedures can occur and important examination information can be explained.
  3. You must be familiar with the examination rules outlined in the Year 12 Information Handbook. This handbook can be downloaded from
  4. You are responsible for taking the correct equipment into each examination. Unauthorised materials are not allowed. A list of all permitted equipment is detailed in the Year 12 Information Handbook. This list of all permitted equipment is also provided on the front cover of each examination paper, copies of which were distributed to schools in August. In particular, mobile phones and smart watches are not permitted in the examination room. Failure to comply will result in a penalty.
  5. Calculators and any other electronic devices that allow communication via wireless technology with other calculators or electronic devices (by being connected to external attachments or by a built-in facility) are not permitted in any ATAR course examination. Failure to comply could result in a penalty.
  6. You must abide by the directions and instructions given by the supervisors. In particular, you must not start reading or writing until instructed to do so by the supervisors.
  7. You must not take part in any unfair practice in the examination room. You should note that impersonation of another candidate for an examination is a criminal offence.
  8. If the Authority is satisfied you are involved in a breach of examination rules, your examination mark may be cancelled.
  9. No allowance can be made for candidates who miss an examination through misreading the timetable. Examinations cannot be rescheduled.
  10. Candidates who suffer a temporary sickness, non-permanent disability or event which they believe may affect their performance in the examination may apply for sickness/misadventure provisions. Application forms are available from examination centres and the School Curriculum and Standards website and must be received no later than Wednesday, 22 November 2017. Refer to the Year 12 Information Handbook for details.
  11. Candidates who have two examinations in the one day may have been allocated to a common examination centre for both examinations. If this is not convenient please phone Robyn Cranley on 9273 6308, or email
  12. ATAR course examination information - telephone 9273 6377

WACE Results

Year 12 students will be able to access their results online at on Tuesday, 19 December 2017.

To log on, students will need their student number and other personal identification information. It is advisable that students provide an alternate email address via the student portal. This is to avoid issues where school email accounts close prior to the release of results.

TAFE Applications are open!

Applications are open for Semester 1, 2018 so here is some useful information to help in guiding your students on where to go and what to do, to get enrolled for next year.

How to apply

For full-time study, students need to visit TAFE Admissions and complete an online application. Students will then be required to send in their relevant documentation. They will then receive a Letter of Offer which will invite them to come on campus and enrol (in January 2018).

TAFE North Metropolitan Info Nights

TAFE is running information sessions designed to give students a better understanding of the courses they offer including employment opportunities, further study pathways and requirements for studying. During the sessions students will take a campus tour where they will get to see first-hand the fantastic facilities available.

Notre Dame University

The University is hosting an ATAR Advice Day on 21 December. This event is designed to provide one-on-one course counselling in light of students receiving their ATAR results.

St Teresa's Library, 32 Mouat Street (ND17), Fremantle

Students will be able to chat to expert Course and Admissions Advisors and explore their options. Family and friends are also most welcome to attend.

US Education

On Saturday 28 October, Crimson Education is holding a US College seminar for Year 9-11 students who aspire to study in the US through either academic or sport scholarship pathways.

The content will cover:

  • How US admissions officers review applications
  • The scores required - converting high school scores / SAT and ACT scores
  • The extracurricular and leadership activities that help students stand out
  • And managing the intangible qualities that show up through teacher recommendations, essays and interviews

Attached is a digital flyer with a link to the event. Use the promo code 'FRESHMAN1' for students, parents and staff to get the $10 tickets for free.


Our keynote speaker for the event is Peter Kim. Peter is flying in from Thailand for the event and has extensive knowledge about the application process having supported students to gain offers to every Ivy League school.

Also speaking will be recently graduated International Relations major from Johns Hopkins University, Ian Cash.

Date: Saturday 28 October 2017

Time: 4.00-6.00pm

Venue: Perth Convention Centre

Medical Projects

Medical Projects have a Pre-medical Course that is specifically designed to boost students' chances of gaining a place at medical school. Our medical course includes:

  • 25 hours hospital work experience per week
  • Shadow experienced Doctors
  • Interview workshops per week
  • MMI simulation with feedback
  • Panel interview simulation with feedback
  • Clinical training sessions per week
  • Personal statement review and advice
  • Private Accommodation

Here are the available locations:

Careers with Woolworths

Woolworths Limited (Woolworths, Big W, BWS, etc) has a range of job options available, from apprenticeships and trade roles to casual, part time or full-time positions.

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser