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The Raven

The Winter edition of The Raven has been published and it includes creative works by:

Joseph Belcastro (Year 12, Brisbane), Christian Benney (Year 12, Alexander), Sidharth Bhargavan (Year 12, Shearer), Sachio Ingrilli (Year 12, Shearer), Samuel Joyner (Year 12, Anderson), Jack Logan (Year 12, Alexander), Aidan Mattys (Year 12, Alexander), Benjamin Nixon, (Year 12, Ferguson), Toby O'Keeffe (Year 12, Stuart), Cameron Wade (Year 12, Brisbane), Thomas Webb (Year 12, St Andrews), Michael Youngleson (Year 12, Ross), Jack Beazley (Year 9, Ferguson), Darby Cuming (Year 9, Ferguson), Thomas Kinnaird (Year 9, Anderson), James Watson (Year 9, St Andrews), Remi Brossard (Year 8, Gordon), Pierce Davis (Year 8, Bruce), Benjamin Edgar (Year 8, David), Rex French (Year 8, Robert),Mederic Gide (Year 8, Gordon), Brock Helton (Year 8, Bruce), Luke Marshall (Year 8, James), Ryan McConkey (Year 8, James), Rafferty Noble Harker (Year 8, Andrew), Harry Ralph (Year 8, Bruce), Joshua Woodward (Year 8, Gordon) and Emanuel Radici (Year 7, Gordon).

These boys are to be congratulated on their very fine work.

Please enjoy reading or viewing this work by visiting the electronic version of The Raven. Any boy who has creative writing that he would like to submit to The Raven can send a copy to

All entries are considered for the Reporter Speech Night prizes and other writing competitions.

Dr Jeannette Weeda
English Teacher