The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

eSafe and Pastoral Care

As part of our pastoral care approach within the 1:1 Laptop Program through Year 5 to 12, a tool called eSafe is used. This is a piece of software that sits on the school laptop and logs all keystrokes, searches and images as a safety precaution. This encrypted data is sent to the company and the data is passed through an algorithm looking for keywords and images, particularly around self-harm, threatening behaviours, inappropriate and illegal activity. A report is sent through to key personnel within each sub-school at the end of the day. The report is then investigated and clarified with the student. If necessary the parents are contacted about the reported incident.

We continue to encourage the students to use their device with maturity and respect whether it be at school or at home. Further details about eSafe can be found via this link.

Mr Jared Faint
ILT Middle School Integrator