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News from 7.3BG

Winter Term in the 7.3BG Homeroom has started with plenty of activity, in particular with the Student Led Conferences in Week 2.

The boys were excited to work towards their goals and put their best feet forward; and what better way to do it than transforming into nutty professors and spending some time in the Science Labs? Already they have created their own lava lamps in a quest to learn more about mixtures, substances and how they react when combined.

Since then, we have made Styrofoam cups vanish, set fire to money and done our best to create slimy snot. These practical and almost magical hands on activities have certainly kept interest levels high and are really helping the boys to learn some valuable scientific concepts.

Along with our weird and wacky science experiments about solutions, mixtures, suspensions and colloids, we have also been investigating issues surrounding the earth's water supplies. The boys understand that the more we learn about the nature of water, the more we appreciate its value to all life on Earth. Our goal is to get creative with how we protect this precious resource and ensure that there is enough for all in years to come.

Mrs Robyn Bose & Ms Andrea Goodison
7.3BG Homeroom Teachers