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Lots of Learning in Modern Languages

French (Madame Perrot)

Bonjour! During Autumn Term, Year 6 students researched how housing in France differs from housing here in Australia; and were very excited to build their very own dream house and record a video of them presenting it in French. The boys did extremely well combining their imagination, design and French skills. Everyone enjoyed watching the videos and we also had a sneak peek at their houses as they brought them in class.

In Year 7 Phase 2, students researched a French city of their choice, collected data and information, and recorded a news report about it in English. I was amazed by the quality and seriousness that went into the research and planning; as well as the originality of news reports. We all enjoyed watching and learning about a variety of French cities.

I was very proud of all the 15 students who participated at the Alliance Française Poem Recitation competition on Saturday 17 June. We had many finalists across Year 6 and 7s, whether the boys were from English or French background. George Houvardas was awarded second place in the Year 6 competition; and Arnaud McVicker and Julien Montandon, in Year 6 and 7 respectively, won the background competition.

Merci et à bientôt.

Madame Emilie Perrot
French Teacher

French (Madame Pett)

Boys in Phase 1 French have been learning how to introduce themselves. They can give their name, age, date of birth, talk about their siblings and pets as well as describing where they live and giving detail about their houses. Phase 1 boys demonstrated their learning by drawing cartoons with fictional characters meeting each other for the first time. The boys have also been learning about French festivals and celebrations and particularly enjoyed learning about the Storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution.

Boys in Phase 2 spent Semester 1 developing their knowledge on differences between life in Australia and in France, in particular how schools differ. The boys can describe their daily routine and which lessons they have throughout the day at school, including expressing preferences of which lessons they prefer and why. They have learned how to: ask for products in shops; discuss different types of transport and describe family members and other people in greater detail.

Mrs Shaye Pett
French Teacher

Indonesian (Pak Suri)

What a great experience our students of Indonesian have had in Semester 1. Year 8 students learned about the topic of Idols. As part of their learning, they worked on a social media video which would be presented to the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. Watch this space because we may get an audience with him!

Year 7 students were busy developing a video project on various Indonesian leisure activities. They will also collaborated with Al- Izhar, our sister school in Indonesia. This video project will be used as Al-Izhar's English Language subject resource.

Year 6 boys learned about traditional clothing. The students learned about the use of Sarong in Indonesia. The boys had fun dressing up and wearing "Peci".

Indonesian language classes are always full of fun. The "Congklak" tournaments remained popular with the boys! On top of this, the boys also had a chance to watch a cooking demonstration and try Ibu Suri's Nasi Kuning and Nasi Goreng, which are popular Indonesian dishes made with lots of fresh herbs.

Mrs Francesca Gabby Surijata
Indonesian Teacher