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ySafe Presentation with Jordan Foster

One of the key take away messages from Jordan Foster's ySafe Workshop to our Year 8 parents last week was to check the privacy settings on the applications you or your son are using. In some cases this means going beyond the first page of settings to confirm you have set all the options you need to. A very recent Snapchat addition called Snap Map illustrates the need to review privacy setting as default settings may not be what you desire. The Snap Map feature can pin point exactly to where you are when you are sending a message, right down to the building you are in and offers a map to the recipients in or of your conversations. This can be handy if you are trying to find a friend in a large shopping centre, but if you are not sure of who else is in your conversation, this is something to think about. Jordan Foster has an article on her Facebook page regarding this application and the control aspect she referred to as Ghost Mode within settings.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School