The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

An Awesome Autumn Term in 6.1S

Autumn Term has been an exciting mix of new experiences for the boys of 6.1S. Week 2 was a highlight as we were the first group to test our skills in the surf at Leighton Beach. The class were quick to embrace the experience and with the assistance of the Outdoor Education staff the boys enjoyed pushing their comfort zones. A supportive and caring approach was demonstrated by all and this was a highlight of a great activity.

These skills transferred into the classroom when exploring electrical energy and sustainable energy sources. Through building circuits as a group and researching methods of electricity generation boys built a new vocabulary and had a go at presenting their work to the class as a peer learning opportunity. The depth of understanding and interest in this topic was outstanding to see.

The class are looking forward to a visit from the Electoral Education Centre before bringing the whole term together by running a campaign for class president based on a sustainable energy policy. We all look forward to the entertaining presentations to come!

Mr Justin Shaw
6.1S Homeroom Teacher