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Art News

During Visual Art and French, the Year 5 boys have been investigating the recyclability of different items. Their current unit of inquiry 'Sharing the Planet' enabled the boys to question their rights and responsibilities and consider just how they could make a difference.

The boys decided that one way would be to use an alternative to plastic bags, thus, begun their designs for a reusable canvas bag. Save the whale or turtle was the message. They carefully planned, designed and created their own endangered marine life image ready to transfer onto a foam printing plate. The repeat printing will decorate their canvas reusable bags, encouraging the Scotch and broader community to think and use a reusable alternative. The other side of the bag will contain a slogan in French which will say "Don't use a plastic bag, save a turtle/whale" The task will also involve a follow-up competition encouraging students to photograph themselves using the bag when out shopping, to encourage real-life usage and change of habits.

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist