15 October 2018

Year 5L News

Our environment and the action we can take to preserve our earth for the future has been the focus for the boys in 5L as they prepare to share their learning in assembly this week. The Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry has provided the opportunity to investigate different biomes around the world and ways that living things can impact the physical characteristics of a biome.

The investigations included an excursion to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre where the boys took part in a detective activity trace evidence of different wildlife species; undertook forensic examinations of animals remains and got close up with an echidna, ring-tailed possum and two little joeys.

Across the year group, the boys brought their learning together by creating board games related to a specific biome and environmental issue that they had investigated. The final evaluation of their game board came when they swapped classes to have-a-go at the games created by their peers in 5C and 5W. The students enjoyed playing one another's games and were able to give feedback on their enjoyment of the game and the learning that took place.

Ms Irene Louden
Year 5 Teacher