10 September 2018

Headmasters ReflectionsHeadmaster's Reflections

College pride is a major driver for our students and staff. Last week College pride was evident in spades.

We just finished celebrating Arts Week. This time is a unique and special chance to celebrate pride in the creative processes involved in learning. Throughout the week many of us were fortunate enough to experience some amazing moments delivered by many students from across the whole school. Creativity is such a wonderful, yet underrated attribute in the learning journey. The arts are a proud element of the College with many students participating in music, visual art, drama and creative writing both in class and in their own personal time. These artistic tools are not only being utilised in arts-based classes but also in humanities, science and business where teachers ask boys to design something or act out a scenario that relates to their subject. This is a refreshing way for boys to learn, as sitting behind a desk writing or reading all day is not a learning method that works for all boys.

The College is also proud to be part of the PSA group of schools. On Thursday and Friday last week, we respectively participated in the annual JPSSA and PSA Athletic carnivals. Congratulations to all of the boys, staff and coaches who contributed so much to make these events both enjoyable and successful. Our Junior boys did a great job fighting to the very end and ultimately finishing third.

On Friday our Year 7-12 PSA team delivered what can only be labelled as a resounding team effort to bring the shield back home to Scotch College. The winning margin of 117.5 points was an across the board team effort.  Consistency was the key for all of our age groups and events. Thank you to our cheer squad who urged every boy in every event to achieve their personal best.

In my last Thistle article, I alluded to the shambolic political events taking place in Canberra. This period of political upheaval has highlighted more than ever the need to develop future leaders. Over the last couple of weeks, a very comprehensive process has been undertaken to identify our College and Senior School leaders for the 2018/19 academic year. As with all leadership and selection processes, there were more nominations than places available and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to every student who put themselves forward for consideration. It takes courage to nominate and all boys should take pride in having the courage to seek a position. I wish all of our newly elected leaders all of the very best as they take over in the coming weeks.

Three of the elected positions, School Captain, Vice-Captain Operations and Vice-Captain Service, carry a whole of school responsibility. The other positions will also contribute to our whole of school activities. My desire is that our younger boys get to see their school leaders throughout the year within their respective sub schools. The purpose of this is to develop the aspirations of all students to be future leaders at Scotch College. The five Senior Student Leaders are listed below and the Senior School House roles are listed under the Senior School section.

In closing I wish all of our Year 11 and 12s the best of wishes as they prepare to embark on an important series of examinations.

Have a great fortnight.

Dr A J O'Connell

2018/2019 Student Leadership

Captain of School

Harrison Gilchrist

Vice Captain of School (Operations)

Blake Costello

Vice Captain of School (Service)

Alexander van Hoek

Head of Student Council

Benjamin Steinberg

Captain of Residential Life

Denzil Brooks


Head of Junior SchoolTeaching and Learning

The Future of Schooling in Australia?

In August of 2018, the Association of Independent Schools for NSW released a commissioned report entitled; CEO Perspectives: The Future of Schooling in Australia.

The full report can be accessed here: https://www.aisnsw.edu.au/ceoperspectives/pages/default.aspx

With the current global economic uncertainty, the revolving door of leadership within Canberra, ongoing questions regarding school funding models, as well as a host of disruptive forces challenging the status quo within education, it is timely that we consider how these variables actually affect those at the centre of these conversations; our students.

The best teachers produce the most learning

Research from the Grattan Institute cited in this report confirms the need to have the highest quality teachers at our College, 'in Australia, a student with a teacher in the top 10 per cent of teachers in the country can achieve in half a year what a student with a bottom 10 per cent teacher achieves in a full year'.

It is for this reason that we must continue to invest in our current teachers to build their capacity and to develop their skills, yet we must do more. We must continue to attract the best teachers.

Forces of Change

The report alludes to three principals driving change globally as well as education, including automation, globalisation and the 'gig' economy. Again, the well-worn rhetoric of skills as the new commodity that all students must possess is touted. However, in experiencing schools across Australia and internationally this is significantly easier said than done.

The College's K-12 project of the Approaches to Learning is our response. Across our school we are explicitly identifying, teaching and assessing students on the skills these reports profess to requiring in unlocking future employability. Yet, we must be aware that this cannot be achieved in a vacuum void of content. Content provides a context in which to apply the skills. Rarely do we want to engage with an engineer that has excellent communication skills with a limited knowledge of Physics. The shift in the use of these types of skills can be seen in the graphic.


Balancing educational fads with researched priorities

At times sitting within a school attempting to keep across educational change is arduous, the balance between students' priorities, parent priorities and having a professional respect for the teachers who are at the point of delivery can be over complicated. What motivates us here at the College is the opportunities to experiment with change, whilst ensuring that we still deliver the base level of education that brings about personal success for our students.

Schools are changing, yet they are slow to change in many ways due to the systems they operate within. Our role as educators is to believe in the reasons why we educate and to ensure we remain agile enough to respond to the forces outlined in this report when needed.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning


From the Director of WellbeingWellbeing


"Sleep! O gentle sleep! Nature's soft nurse." Henry IV Part 2 (1597)

At this time of year, it is important to go back to basics and remind our students of the imperative of getting a good night's sleep. Shakespeare knew it five hundred years ago and although we know much more about sleep these days, the general point of sleep and what actually happens in the brain while we are asleep are still somewhat of a mystery.

We do know that good sleep is incredibly important to our functioning well. For young people, growth hormones are secreted during sleep. Adolescents experience natural hormonal changes which shift their body clock; it is normal for them to want to go to bed later, but the amount of sleep needed actually increases. Nine and 10 year-olds actually need less sleep than young adolescents, who need between seven to nine hours a night. The actual amount depends on the individual and you and your son should be able to tell at which end of that time-frame he sits. 'Monday morning blues' are common in young people. These are a result of teens shifting their body clock over the weekend (staying up later and getting up later due to going out with friends, watching movies, playing computer games). A late night should be a treat, not a given.

We sleep in roughly 90-minute cycles (experiencing four or five of these a night) and it is now believed that there are five phases of sleep. It has been compared to being on a roller-coaster, with the first three phases taking us into deep sleep and then the fourth bringing us back up and the fifth being when REM sleep occurs, at the end of the cycle. Dreaming occurs during this phase. This is when the brain consolidates information, shifting things from our short-term to long-term memory; trying to file away information from that day. Lack of sleep deprives us of the opportunity to do this. Sleep is a very active state, and the amount of oxygen we use in some parts of the brain is higher when asleep than while we are awake. We still are not sure what is going on, although it appears that it involves the removal of toxins, the formation of memories and the sorting of emotions. Almost every part of the brain becomes active at various times during a night's sleep.

Lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Sleep loss is associated with becoming aggressive more quickly than normal. While there is no evidence that REM sleep helps memory, a lack of sleep will interfere with our ability to learn new material and to recall information. Alertness improves mental functioning. There is a direct correlation between more sleep and higher grades.

There are some important things we can do to ensure that we – and our children – get good sleep and plenty of it. I will be sending out a checklist to the students, but I have provided a summary of what can help here. The first, and perhaps most important, thing we can do is to role model good sleep habits ourselves.

A good night's sleep is the result of a combination of things:

In the Morning

  • Get out of bed as soon as you wake
  • Try to wake up at the same time each morning
  • Go outside and get some fresh air
  • Do some physical activity
  • Have a good breakfast (this helps to set your body clock)

During the Day

  • Do not nap; if you are tired, make it no more than 20 minutes and not after 4.00pm
  • If you are worrying about things at night when you try to sleep, put aside some time during the day for problem-solving
  • Avoid caffeine after 4.00pm and try not to have more than two cups a day

Before going to bed

  • Try to get to bed at the same time each night
  • Don't go to bed hungry or with a full bladder (avoid sugars – as this can put you on a "roller-coaster"; bananas or unsalted nuts are good – walnuts contain tryptophan which is an amino acid that can help to boost melanonin; and almonds contain muscle-relaxing magnesium; half a cup of oats, peanut butter, turkey)
  • Avoid vigorous exercise in the evening
  • Have some down-time before you go to bed (read or do something relaxing for 30 minutes – no technology)
  • Use your bed for sleep and not for work/gaming
  • Have a warm drink (milk; chamomile tea)

While you Sleep

  • Don't have your phone near you; it will only keep you awake (use an alarm clock, but make sure you can't see it – watching the clock is not helpful; if the alarm hasn't gone off yet, it's still time to rest)
  • Make your bedroom quiet, dim and cool
  • Don't be too hot or too cold (keep your feet warm – cold feet can keep you awake)

If you can't get to Sleep

  • Focus on your breathing (slow and deep)
  • Listen to quiet music
  • Try counting sheep (yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it can work), or think about something you are looking forward to or a pleasant experience in the past (it could be a holiday)
  • If you still can't sleep after 30 minutes, get up and do something quiet and distracting (playing cards, reading, have a warm bath)
  • Make a list of the things you are worried about, or that you need to do the next day (you can do this before bed)
  • Take your time – there is no hurry (people often over-estimate how long they have been trying to get to sleep)
  • Try muscle relaxation – start with your toes (scrunch them up and relax them) and work your way up your body
  • Remind yourself that resting in bed is nice
  • Replace negative thoughts with a positive sentence
  • Make yourself smile a bit – the physical action of smiling has all sorts of good effects on the mind and makes us feel better

It is important to note that setting up a good routine will take time. Most of the things listed above need to be done for at least three weeks before any improvement will be noticed. Worrying about not getting to sleep can make it harder to get to sleep, so try to distract yourself with some of the techniques mentioned above. If all else fails, remember that lying in bed is relaxing and allows the body to rest.

SchoolTV, the website to which Scotch College subscribes, has a special section dedicated to this topic and I recommend you have a look through some of the short videos and fact sheets on the page: http://scotch.wa.schooltv.me/newsletter/sleep

Mr James Hindle
Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing


From the Director of Community and ServiceCommunity and Service

Matipwili Report

I would like to give another big thanks to all those who supported the 2018 Tanzania Tour. A full report into the work done at Matipwili and how the funds raised were used is at this link. Due to the time and generosity of the Scotch College and PLC communities, we were able to purchase a lot of resources and still have some funding left over. Thank you!

Year 10 Friday Service

On Friday afternoon I presented to all Year 10 boys on the worth of the Friday Afternoon Service Programme. The boys were outstanding and have all written reflections on their time spent in the programme. I encourage all Year 10 parents to look on Parent Connect to read what their son had to say.

This Friday is the last for the year and the boys are reminded that they must get their Personal Project submission organised before lunchtime so that they are ready to go at 1.00pm.

I also spoke to the boys about two opportunities in 2019 and about logging their service hours on the schools Community and Service website. This contributes to their school record and must be completed by them.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Adventurous Journey to the Abrolhos Islands is likely to run in the first week of the April holidays. This video gives an insight into the trip though is from a number of years ago.

The 2019 Round Square Global Conference will be at the Emerald Heights School in India in early October 2019. They have not released their promotional video yet and I will send out more information as it comes to hand.

If you and your son are interested in either of these opportunities, please let me know as soon as possible.

Year 8 Community Project

The Year 8 Community Project Showcase is on Wednesday night and it will be good to celebrate the wonderful work of the Year 8s. A few of the boys featured in last week's Post newspaper. Great shot guys!


Pleasing feedback on the work of the boys in the community has been consistently trickling in for many months. Another example was last week the coordinator of The Salvation Army was at Scotch College collecting funds raised by Keys House and Shearer House. Bret was telling me how delighted he was to have some Year 8 boys do some work for their Community Project and what a credit they have been to the College.

Mr David Kyle
Director of Community and Service


All School Matters

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Normal term opening hours apply until the shop closes at 11.30 am on Thursday, 20 September.

The Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays on Tuesday, 9 October only.

The shop will be open on Wednesday 10 October from 7.30am – 9.00am.

Normal opening hours will resume on Thursday 11 October:


8.00am - 5.00pm


7.30am - 11.30am


7.30am - 11.30am


Spring Concert

In collaboration with PLC and Carey Baptist College, the Scotch College Music Department presents a showcase of performances from our musicians and ensembles. In a special treat this year, we will be featuring special guests, The Idea of North, who will perform with our students.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you - along with friends and extended family – to hear internationally renowned and awarded The Idea of North within our own community.

Tickets are limited and are available now for booking online, through the Scotch Website, by clicking on Book a Scotch Event. Attached is the flyer if you wish to invite family and friends.

Mr Scott Loveday
Head of Performing Arts


Head of Junior SchoolJunior School

From the Head of Junior School

Where Does Success Come From?

On Thursday 30 August, the Junior School held its annual Fathers' Day Breakfast. The boys were proud to bring their fathers into the Dining Room and enjoyed being able to share a bacon roll, a smile and a laugh. They also delighted in socialising with their friends before school. We were privileged this year to have Mr Drew Petrie, a 316 game veteran with the North Melbourne Kangaroos join us to talk about his career as a footballer. He regaled us with his efforts as a father and a professional athlete and the challenge of combining both, especially in the latter end of his career.

One of the poignant comments Mr Petrie made in his talk to the boys, was how intensely he was watched over the course of his career. He described how he was watched on the training field for how far and how hard he ran. He was watched during games for his effort, his passing and tackling and the number of kilometres he ran. He was watched in the gym for how he lifted weights, how much weight he lifted and how often he trained. He was watched in the cafeteria and his food was monitored each and every day. Interestingly, he didn't attribute that scrutinisation to his success. He attributed his success to what he did when he was not being watched which included how he exercised, how he ate, how much water he drank and how he studied the games. That is where his success came from.

This made me pause to think about our students and how we, as teachers, work so closely with them each and every day. How closely we watch the boys at school and how they interact with one another. We watch how they read, how they write, how they do their Maths, how they spell, how they engage in Art, PE and Performing Arts lessons, and how much of the day is under the supervision and the guidance (rightly so) of the teachers in this school. It also made me think about how much of that scrutiny contributes to their success, or is their success and the progress in the classroom down to another aspect of them as individuals, ie. what they do when we are not watching. We see in our boys many of the qualities that Mr Petrie referred to in his talk. The desire to improve, the desire to make the gains in and out of the classroom, the desire to work hard. There are times when we need to help them along that journey and support them in their learning. There are many times when they make significant progress or big jumps in their ability and their learning when they put in some extra effort that is not seen because it is done when no one is looking. It says a great deal about our young men at school. Their willingness to contribute, their willingness to make an effort and that hard work helps them make the progress they want to achieve.

Recently in our school, we have seen a number of our boys demonstrate high levels of success in a range of competitions. In a recent ICAS Writing competition, we saw eight of our boys earn Credits, five were awarded Distinctions and Alexander Fine achieved a High Distinction (99 percentile of all students competing).

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School


Art News

Wednesday 5 September saw the official opening of the 2018 Inspirations Art Exhibition. Held in the Scotch College Gallery, the annual exhibition showcases the original talents of our developing young artists. On display are a wide variety of exceptional artworks from each sub school demonstrating a skilful, exciting and diverse range of mediums, which included photography, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, painting and drawing.

The artworks on display highlighted the students' ability to think critically, creatively and empathize through the demonstration of an understanding of global perspectives.  The range of works on view enables each boy to question and reflect upon their own approach to each subject matter, valuing the importance of the continuum of the Visual Arts throughout the college.

I encourage you to visit the gallery and celebrate the achievements of all students throughout the College. Art exhibitions allow the boys to develop cultural fluency; understanding how to create art and use it to connect, communicate and function effectively in the globalised 21st Century.

The 2018 Inspirations Exhibition will be on display during College opening hours until the end of Winter Term.

img_8664.jpg img_8666.jpg  img_8668.jpg img_8669.jpg

Mrs Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist


2M News

In our last Unit of Inquiry, Sharing the Planet, the central idea was that people's decisions and actions may protect the Earth's resources for the future. The boys were completely engaged in all activities which included an excursion to Perth Zoo, several incursions by knowledgeable parents from architects to property developers, and the concluding exhibition where the boys were able to discuss and present their sustainable homes.

During the course of our Winter Term, the Year 2 boys have proven themselves to be responsible, considerate and committed to the Scotch culture and community. For as many Fridays as we could this term, weather and workload permitting, the boys have been ready in class at 8:00 am to make their march up to senior school in order to watch their buddies and the rest of Senior School march up to the Dickinson Centre. Their faces throughout and the animated conversations on the way back to Junior School have made every moment worthwhile.

This may have contributed to why our final get together with Year 2/12 students was such a joy… an early (very) wintry morning brought the Year 2 and Year 12 together at the Gooch Pavilion for a series of relay games in mixed teams. Finishing with a cooked breakfast set everyone up for a cracking Tuesday that day and gave the boys hands on evidence to support their current Unit of Inquiry, 'How the World Works'. Following their discussions and investigations on how forces may be applied to objects to enable movement or make deliberate change, became pretty evident during their tug of war.

img_3694.jpg img_3690.jpg img_0005.jpg img_1836.jpg

Whilst the boys have been learning and sharing what they can do it's been a full term of sharing who they are. The pictures below reflect some of this. For whilst, we all find inspiration from success and achievement, it really is about who we are that matters. If you find time to visit 2M and read what our boys are grateful for, what they've learned, who they admire in their lives and see their positive attitudes towards one another, you'll see what we mean. In the meantime, enjoy these humans captured in the pictures below!

img_3765.jpg img_3623.jpg img_3634.jpg

img_3688.jpg picture10.jpg 2m.jpeg

Mrs Sue Mitchell
Year 2 Teacher


Academic Support

Natural Inquirers: Pre-Primary at work investigating length and measurement

This semester, our Pre-Primary mathematicians have been engaging in investigations. The boys have used their questioning skills to inquire to find out about many numeracy concepts. We started off by exploring different ways to make ten. The boys learned that when they make specific arrangements of counters it is easy to see how many there are without counting by ones. They talked like mathematicians and discovered the Friends of Ten. The boys reflected on their learning by saying:

  • "I know 6 and 4 is 10"
  • "I thought like a mathematician today because I made 5 whites and 5 reds!"

We extended our learning about ten by finding collections. The boys found collections outside and created an arrangement of honky nuts, leaves, sticks, stones and rocks. They learned if they made groups of ten they could count by tens to find their total. Some boys calculated their total by adding groups of ten. This activity was followed up with further learning experiences about ten. The boys made number lines, bead strings, laced plates and coat hangers to show their learning about ten. These reflections sum up the boys' engagement and joy for learning:

  • "We did lots of fun things"
  • "I did the number line and counted by tens."
  • 'I did knitting and counting with ten."
  • "I did my number line and it was good."

Our learning has extended to finding differences between numbers, length and shapes. The boys have learned to talk like mathematicians by using words such as difference, combinations, sequence, estimate, actual, 2D and 3D shapes.

The Pre-Primary class is to be commended for their amazing thirst for knowledge and their ability to understand quite sophisticated mathematical concepts.


Mrs Janet Lopez
Head of Academic Support


From the Head of Middle SchoolMiddle School

From the Head of Middle School

If you haven't read it elsewhere in this edition of The Thistle, or via the College's Facebook page, Scotch College came third in the JPPSA Inter-School Athletics last Thursday and then won the PSA Inter-School Athletics, the Alcock Shield on Friday.  Both are wonderful achievements representing the combination of talent, training and commitment by our boys and their coaches.  Notable amongst many personal best achievements by Middle School boys was Lucas Woolf  (Year 7) setting a new U/13 200m Inter-School record.  As I watched the boys through Quads and then at Inters, I was excited as everyone in the stand at a winning performance, but I was as equally proud of the boys who ran their hearts out and finished back in the field but pushed to the end because they were wearing their Scotch colours and proud of it.  Below I borrowed an excerpt from a letter to me by another Scotch student who has just returned from the Pipe Band performances at the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo.  It seems to sum up the sense of pride I have seen in our boys during the Athletics season:

"I believe I can speak on behalf of all the boys when I say that we all felt truly honoured to don the Scotch College crest on our bonnets, and march out and perform to the grandest scale the pipes and drums can deliver.  To cement the blue, maroon, and gold in the heart of Scotland was a memory I'm sure the boys will never forget."

Being proud of who you are, who you are with, being proud of your effort regardless of result and grateful for the platform provided by the efforts of those who have gone before you; for us as teachers that is a "Gold" and speaks more about character than results.  Congratulations to all boys who have donned the maroon, gold and blue this year and represented our College with pride.

RUOK? Week in Middle School is next week. It is a week where we highlight the importance of looking out for each other, of building the habit of monitoring and being alert to our own and your mate's mental health.  During the week we will look at how we can maintain a positive mental state even at the most stressful of times. RUOK? Week is about changing attitudes and building some helpful habits.  Any conversation you can have along these lines will be very helpful too.

inspirations1.jpg inspirations2.jpg inspirations3.jpg

Congratulations to the boys who had their work on display at the Inspirations Art Exhibition last week.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School


Inter-House Athletics Carnival

The very busy 2018 Athletics season was kicked off by the Middle School Inter-House Carnival. The day was host to some excellent performances from many students involved across various events. There was plenty of House pride and cheering on for all students throughout the day.  With students having a busy programme going from event to event, it was great to see so much activity.

aths2.jpg  aths3.jpg  aths4.jpg  aths5.jpg

There was one record broken on the day.  Congratulations to Seamus Walton (8.6S) who broke another Shot Put record and he now holds two, in Year 7 and Year 8.  Seamus recorded a distance of 12.73m.

The overall standings for the day:

Robert:           1649

Andrew:          1531

Bruce:             1415

Gordon:          1336

David:             1249

James:            1202

It was great to see so many parents and family members come down to spectate.  I hope you all enjoyed the day.  I would like to also thank the Middle School staff whose help on the day contributed to another successful Middle School Inter-House Carnival.

Mr Michael Brinsden
Middle School Sport


7.1W - Friday Afternoons have never been so good!

In Week 5 of Winter Term, we pause for a few weeks on Friday afternoons and take a break from PSA Sport. In Year 7, boys have had an opportunity to participate in activities that perhaps they would not ordinarily try.  From Yoga, Meditation and Konga to cultural experiences at the WA Art Gallery. We also participated in a Nyungar cultural heritage tour around Lake Claremont with Nev Collard and service opportunities with Coastcare and Friends of Lake Claremont.

7w2.jpg  7w3.jpg  7w4.jpg

In 7.1W we were the first to try out Yoga, Meditation and Konga last Friday. Sacha, our yoga teacher, explained to the boys the benefits of yoga on their body and their mind. She held them captivated for 40 minutes, which is a very long time on a Friday afternoon!  Helen our meditation teacher radiated calm and lemongrass as she led the boys through a calming and relaxing meditation using eye pillows and blankets. Clare then came in with Konga and got the boys working up a sweat with some strong beats and high energy cardio moves.


These activities are great opportunities and fun at the same time!

Mrs Karen Woods
7.1W Homeroom Teacher


Student Achievements

UNSW Writing Competition Results

Year 6

James Winch


Year 7

Lucas Woolf


Year 8

Henry Vaughan


Harry Jenour


Australian Mathematics Competition Results

Year 6

Ari Coulson


James Winch


Year 7

Henry Allan

High Distinction

Andrew Walker


Patrick White


Jason Pocock


Benjamin Vriezen


Joshua Cahill


Year 8

Hugh Fellows-Smith



Important Dates in Middle School Winter Term

Tuesday 11 September

Year 8 Vaccinations Round 2

Wednesday 12 September

Year 8 Community Project Showcase, 4pm – 6.30pm MS

Friday 14 September

Year 8 Parents Coffee Morning, 8.30am Tee Box Café, Claremont Golf Course

Wednesday 19 September

MS Free Dress Day & Motor Neurone Ice Bucket Challenge

Friday 21 September

RUOK? Guest Speaker, from 8.35am Memorial Hall Year 6-8

MS Assembly (internal), 11.30am MacKellar Hall

MS Highland Games, 12.25pm – 3.25pm Playing Fields

Winter Term concludes


From the Head of Senior SchoolSenior School

From the Head of Senior School

Help Students Reflect and Set Goals for Powerful Learning

I recently read an article linking the benefits of reflection and goal setting and, with the new Academic Year just around the corner, I thought it timely to share some of the important considerations. The article described reflection as "the stickiest glue for the brain" and stated "When students take time to consider what they have learned and how they have grown, the learning is longer lasting and much more impactful". As John Dewey wrote, "We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience." In addition to this, goal setting was identified as equally as powerful in improving performance. People who set goals achieve more in life, in work and in school. Goals refine a learner's focus, putting energies into just a few outcomes, channelling their work and sharpening its influence. In effect when we combine reflection and goal setting one has an effective pairing that supports and improves learning.

Start with reflection

This year we have asked students in Years 9 and 12 to complete reflections on their performance as a part of the ongoing feedback trial. The aim was to have students reflect on the process involved in preparing for an assessment, their performance in the assessment and the feedback provided, then ask themselves, what are the necessary steps I need to take to improve my performance? Learning to reflect is, in itself, a new skill for some of our students, especially when being asked to record their reflection and it being visible to their teachers and parents. Learning areas have chosen some very simple prompting questions to help the boys produce a response with the aim that this will become more advanced as the skill progresses.

Move to goal setting

When setting goals, think 'the Goldilocks rule.' Not too broad, not too specific; just right. One way to give a structure to setting goals is to make them SMART. That is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Specific – what do you want to achieve? The more specific the description the bigger the chance you will achieve exactly what you aim for.

Measurable – identify exactly what it is you will see when you achieve your goal. Break the goal down into measurable components so you can track your progress.

Attainable – is the goal acceptable to you? Do you have the time, work ethic and requisite abilities? How big of a priority is it actually to you and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

Relevant - the main question is, why do you want to reach this goal? What is the objective behind the goal and will this goal really achieve that?

Timely - keep the timeline realistic and flexible; that way you can keep morale high. Prioritise and remain consistent in your application to ensure timelines are kept realistic.

Make a plan

"A goal without a plan is just a wish," according to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince. Therefore, you have chosen a goal (or two or three) and need to plan out how you will reach those goals. Some ideas on how to make a plan are:

  • List what you know you need to still learn in order to reach your goal.
  • What strengths and knowledge do you already have that will help you reach the goal? How do you plan on using this?
  • Who can help you reach this goal? Specifically, what will you need from him or her?

Reflect on the goals and the plan often

This step is crucial in making the reflection-goal pairing successful. As often as possible, you should revisit the goals you have set. In other words, bookend learning experiences and assessment results with reflection on goals and plans. A few ideas that can help build intentions when reflecting:

  • What can I do today that will help me work toward my goal?
  • What feedback do I need in my work toward my goal?
  • Study the plan. What adjustments can be made to customise the plan with all I have learned and done thus far?
  • How am I doing in working toward my goal and what can I do differently?

This reflection work can be done individually, in partnerships or in small groups. Just remember that it is imperative to keep the iterative approach; that is, switching between reflection and goals and making adjustments to support your process.

Mr Dean Shadgett
Head of Senior School


2018/2019 Student Leadership

  House Captains



Vice Captain (Operations)

Vice Captain (Service)

Student Council


Oscar Grant

Benjamin Ledger

Patrick Devereux

Jack Adams


Nathan Thomas

Luke Smith

Joshua Kerrich

Edward Hamersley


Gyles Davies

Kristian Stonier

Harrison Unstead

Sebastian Barrett


Lachlan Malloch

Lucas Ferri

Oscar Harold

Thomas Allan


Finn Liston

Jack Mitchell

Oscar Moss

Jonah Benbow


Benjamin Parker

Charles Wackett

Fraser Goode

William Coutts


Harry Imison

Tyson Moody

Lincoln Allan

Hamish Watson

St Andrews

Thomas Hodge

Lucas Triglavcanin

Joshua Turibaka

William Chalmers


Mason Jongejan

Lachlan McGrath

Harrison French

Matthew Moore


Benjamin Lilburne

Joshua Ziepe

Charlton Thomas

Jock Mactier

 Residential Life Positions

Captain of Residential Life                        Denzil Brooks

Vice Captain (Operations)                         Aidan Veitch

Vice Captain (Service)                               Liam McCreery

Highlander Captain 1                                 Kirwan Mactaggart

Highlander Captain 2                                Samuel McConachy

Highlander Captain 3                                Callum Hills

Highlander Captain 4                                Levi Waters

 Pipe Band Positions

Pipe Major                                                 Alex Mallawarachchi

Drum Major                                               Joshua Kerrich

Pipe Sergeant                                           Callum Griffiths

Drum Sergeant (Snare)                            Will Partridge

Drum Sergeant (Bass)                              Thomas Allan


Boys' Achievements

Jordan Bowling (Year 12, Ross) has won a highly commended in the Upper Secondary Category of the Tim Winton Award.

David Winton (Year 10, Stuart) and Oscar Heppingstone (Year 9, Stuart) have been selected in the Northern Thunder State Lacrosse Team to represent WA in the Australian U15s Boys' & Girls' Lacrosse Tournament to be held in Melbourne. Oscar has also been selected co-captain. Representatives from Australia and NZ will attend the week's long tournament during the school holidays in October.

Lucas Ferri (Year 11, Cameron) represented WA in the 2018 Golf team competing at the School Sport Australia National Championships in Brisbane from 25 Aug – 1 Sep.

Heath Smyth (Year 9, Shearer) has been chosen to play at the 6th International Peewee Ice Hockey Championship in Duneading, New Zealand in a team representing WA / Australia against seven other international teams.

Owen Edgar (Year 11, Ferguson) and James Coulson (Year 11, Ferguson) competed in the W.A state Cyclocross competition Under 17's race, Owen placed second, and James placed third.

Tim Winton Award for Young Writers – High Commendation

Jordan Bowling (Year 12, Ross) was placed in the top 10 by the judges, with over 1000 entries in the short story category.



Athletics leadership positions:


Joshua Hook (Brisbane)

Co-Vice Captains:

Bailey Flecker (St Andrews)


Sean Szalek (Ross)


George Mitchell (Shearer).

Athletics Quads Carnival

Scotch won the Quads Athletics Carnival on Friday evening beating Guildford, Christ Church and Wesley to retain the Lynn Shield. Results are outlined below.


Scotch College



Christ Church Grammar School



Wesley College



Guildford Grammar


Quad Athletics records:




Anthony Ghiselli (Year 9, Alexander)

U/15 400m

New Record 53.05sec

Joshua Keatch (Year 10, Keys)

U/16 800m

New Record 2:07.14min

Tobias Knox Lyttle (Year 10, Brisbane)

U/16 1500m

New Record 4:19.76min

Christopher Michael (Year 10, Cameron)

U/16 Long Jump

New Record 6.11m

Reuben Westerman (Year 10, Leys)

U/16 High Jump

New Record 1.90m

Sean Szalek (Year 12, Ross)

Open High Jump

New Record 2.06m

Sean Szalek (Year 12, Ross)

Open Triple Jump

New Record 13.81m

2018 PSA Inter-School Athletics Carnival


Scotch College



Trinity College



Aquinas College



Hale School



Wesley College



Christ Church Grammar School



Guildford Grammar School


New records set by Scotch College students are outlined below




Sean Szalek (Year 12, Ross)

Open High Jump

New Record 2.09m

Christopher Michael (Year 10, Cameron)

U/16 Long Jump

New Record 6.47m

Anthony Ghiselli (Year 9, Alexander)

U/15 800m

New Record 2.20min

Lucas Woolf (Year 7, James)

U/13 200m

New Record 25.55sec


Scotch College Surfing

Scotch College Surfing teams Triumph in Schools Metro Round

Imagine a pair of Finals – Junior and Senior Surfing. Imagine two teams in each final – eight boys in coloured rashies out in the water. Judges marking every wave. Usually four schools wait with baited breath for the two winners to emerge. Except, wait, in both finals, both teams are from Scotch College! Yes – this year both surfing finals were Scotch first vs Scotch second teams! No need to say who won, nor that Scotch College won the overall school trophy for the day. Very well done lads!! Best of luck in the State Finals – you earned your places and a huge thanks to the dedicated parents also!

surfers.jpg surf-team.jpg

State Surfing Finals

Elliot Young (Year 12, Cameron) and Charlie Castleden (Year 11, Stuart) went out to Margaret River Senior High in the quarter finals (the eventual winners).

Archie Frazer (Year 10, Ferguson) and Jack Mickle (Year 8, Andrew) got into the semis and lost to Margaret River team 2.

All did very well to get so far in the state final. Charlie Castleden has independently made the state team and will go to Nationals in December. Archie Frazer is apparently only one place away from a similar honour (ie 5th in the state).

Mr Jonathan Rugg
Surfing Co-ordinator


Short Course State Swimming Championships

Nicolas Le Page (Year 9, Anderson)

Won a Silver Medal in 14yrs 50m Freestyle

Nicolas Monger Molowny (Year 10, Alexander)

Won a Bronze Medal in 15yrs 50m Butterfly

Ruan van der Riet (Year 9, Ross)

Won Gold Medals in 15yrs 400m Freestyle, 200m Butterfly and 400m Individual Medley

Won Silver Medals in 15yrs 100m Butterfly and 300m Freestyle

And was selected in WA State Short Course team competing at the Australian Championships in October

Jesse Coughlan (Year 10, Alexander)

Won Gold Medals in 15yrs 50 Breaststroke  and 100m Breaststroke

And was selected in WA State Short Course team competing at the Australian Championships in October


ICAS Science Competition 2018

The ICAS Science Competition was held earlier this year and assessed student skills in observing and measuring, interpreting and applying data, investigating and higher order reasoning and problem solving. Scotch had 84 students take part in the competition and our students finished with 8 merit certificates, 22 credit certificates, 12 Distinctions and 4 High Distinctions.

















































St Andrews





High Distinction





High Distinction and Medal Winners for the top score in WA in their respective age groups:














World Scholar's Cup

The World Scholar's Cup is an international academic team competition with students participating from over 82 countries worldwide. Competing three-member teams participate in debating, team and individual quizzes, and essay writing, on topics including; Black Markets and Cryptocurrencies, The History of Diplomacy, The Science of Memory, as well as an annual "special area", which for this year was exploring the complex nature of human relationships.

WA Regional Round

Every one of the participating students performed exceptionally well in representing Scotch College and Scotch placed 10th overall in the individual Junior category.

William Steinberg (Year 10, Brisbane)

5th place overall Senior team

Max Vaughan (Year 11, Alexander), Jack Adams (Year 11, Alexander), Owen Edgar (Year 11, Ferguson)

3rd place overall Junior team

Heath Muller (Year 9, Ross), Oscar Clements (Year 9, Alexander) and Xavier Dry (Year 9, St Andrews)

2nd Place overall Senior team

Sam Wake (Year 10, Brisbane), William Steinberg (Year 10, Brisbane) and Daniel Wiese (Year 10, Keys)

Global Round, Melbourne

Four of our teams, with boys from Years 7 to 10, went on to compete in the Global Round in Melbourne, which included no fewer than 1,700 students from 27 different countries.

While there were many strong performances the most notable achievements, especially given the huge field of competitors.

8th place overall individual Junior student

Pearson Chambel (Year 9, St Andrews)

3rd place overall individual Junior student

Heath Muller (Year 9, Ross)

2nd place overall Debate Team

Heath Muller (Year 9, Ross), Pearson Chambel (Year 9, St Andrews), Xavier Dry (Year 9, St Andrews)

Overall Champion Junior Team

Heath Muller (Year 9, Ross), Pearson Chambel (Year 9, St Andrews), Xavier Dry (Year 9, St Andrews)

Congratulations also to Mr Sam Sterrett for winning the World Scholar's Cup Coach of the Year Award.


Senior School Booklists 2019

The 2019 Year 10, Year 11, Year 12, and DP Booklists have been published and are available to view on SEQTA Engage (Parent Connect).

Students attending classes at PLC should see the PLC booklists.

To check your son's allocation of elective subjects, please follow the link; https://webapps.scotch.wa.edu.au/Academic/Subjects.aspx and follow the prompts. If you experience any difficulty accessing the site, or have forgotten your username or password, please refer to https://ask.plcscotch.wa.edu.au or email the Scotch College ILT department direct at service@scotch.wa.edu.au, who will assist with any issues.


Careers Information

Year 12 Information

2018 WACE Examination Timetables

WACE practical and written examination timetables are available on the School Curriculum & Standards Authority website. http://www.scsa.wa.edu.au.

All Year 12 students will be issued with personal timetables in the near future. Please keep these in a safe place as they have to be taken to each examination as proof of identity. As winter uniform needs to be worn to exams, the blazer pocket is an ideal safe place and this ensures that the timetable is taken to each examination.

University Information

Curtin STEM Outreach – Year 11 & 12 Focus on Mining Camp

November 26 – 30 Curtin University, Bentley

Do you want to feel the rumble of dump trucks and a distant explosion, inspect an operational mine site, rub shoulders with industry professionals and learn about the role of science and mathematics in the mining industry?

Find out more - https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/year-11-12-focus-on-mining-camp-2018-registration-49324926182

University of Notre Dame – 1 on 1 Advice Sessions - WA

September 17 – 26 Fremantle Campus

Considering your University options but unsure of the right degree for you? Our advisors can introduce you to a range of programs that align with your strengths and interests to help you find the degree that's right for you.

Find out more - https://www.notredame.edu.au/events-items/1-on-1-advice-sessions-fremantle

Murdoch University – Undergraduate Scholarships

If you're eligible for a scholarship, you will receive a payment to help support your study. It's not a loan so it doesn't need to be repaid. Most scholarships are not intended to be used to pay tuition fees but can help to cover university costs such as books, living expenses and transport.

Find out more - https://www.murdoch.edu.au/study/undergraduate-students/fees-scholarships/scholarships

UWA Uway Alternative Entry

You can apply for alternative entry to an undergraduate degree course through UWay if your academic achievements have been adversely affected by certain disadvantages.


Australian National University

On Tuesday 16 October, ANU will be hosting a public information session for prospective students, their friends and families. The primary purpose of this presentation is to discuss the changes to admissions at ANU from 2020, however current year 12 students are also very welcome to attend as there will also be general ANU information and an opportunity for a Q&A.

Tuesday 16 October 2018, 5.30pm at Novotel Perth Langley.

Please register on this link for the public event: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/anu-admissions-scholarships-accommodation-roadshow-perth-tickets-45126341101

UNSW CO-OP Scholarships

Students considering UNSW as a study option in 2019 are invited to submit a scholarship application before 28 September 2018.

Visit www.coop.unsw.edu.au/apply

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne would like to invite students to attend their Information Day for interstate students at their Parkville campus on Friday 5 October 8.30am – 6.00pm (allow for 3.30pm finish if you don't wish to tour additional accommodation options). The day will focus on aspects of the university that are of greater concern to interstate students such as the application process, scholarships, student services, accommodation options and financial assistance. The program will also include a campus tour followed by a free lunch at one of the residential colleges and a college tour. Optional additional accommodation tours will take place after the official program has ended at 3:30pm.

Date: Friday 5 October 2018

Location: University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010


UWA School of Design Holiday Workshops

Love drawing, making, designing things? Interested in shaping the future of our environments?

Curious about what it would be like to study architecture, fine arts, landscape architecture, or history of art at UWA?

Register for one or more of the interactive sessions with School of Design staff.

The week will conclude with an exhibition of work produced by workshop participants. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are suitable for ages 13 and up.

Drawing foundations and experimental drawing

Architecture through model making

Product Design and Making

Wear your own DNA

The story art of the graphic novel

How to change the world through exciting careers in the Arts

Landscapes for the future

Register online:           https://www.trybooking.com/XWOM

Enquiries:                    admin-design@uwa.edu.au

Phone:                          6488 2582

Website:                        www.alva.uwa.edu.au

Preparing your US or UK Uni Application Session

20 September, 6.00pm West Perth

Come to this information evening where experts from Crimson Education will take you through what US or UK college admission officers are looking for and where you could make last minute improvements.

We will draw on our database of our 133 Ivy League and 38 Oxford / Cambridge admits to analyse college admission strategy, essays and more.

Register here - Tickets are free using the unique MHS code, here.

Defence Force Australia – Trade Careers Info Session

September 13, Perth

Want to learn a trade? Or maybe you're already qualified? Either way, the Australian Defence Force provides great career opportunities for trades.

Find out more - https://www.facebook.com/pg/DefenceJobsAustralia/events/?recently_added_ids=1047982735381834,878608229005337&ref=notif

TAFE & Apprenticeships

Becoming an Apprentice

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways can help you when you're looking for an apprenticeship. Visit this page on their website for a step-by-step guide to finding and securing the best apprenticeship for you.


Pre-Apprenticeships Course Finder

The pre-apprenticeships course finder helps you to search for courses which can teach you skills that can lead to an apprenticeship or traineeship. You can search by where you live, the industry you are interested in and whether the course offers work experience.


Australia Apprenticeships Pathways

A first step into an industry or career pathway can start with apprenticeships or traineeships in industries like community services and health, travel and tourism, communication and information technology, financial services, agriculture and horticulture, and government.

Find out more - https://www.aapathways.com.au/about-australian-apprenticeships-traineeships/australian-apprenticeships

MPA Skills offers Pre-Apprenticeships for both Painting and Plumbing

A Pre-Apprenticeship course will give a student a true insight in to the industry they are considering. This is the first step to gaining a full-time apprenticeship and demonstrates to a potential employer that a candidate has a real idea of what the job is about and what is expected of them.

The units completed on the pre-apprenticeship will be credited against the training completed in your first year of your apprenticeship. MPA Skills will direct you in securing your work experience placement, which forms part of the 'job hunting' training each student receives.

MPA aim to make apprentices employable which could ultimately lead to employment by their own Apprentice Employment division for a number of successful candidates.

Please click on the Pre Apprenticeship you are interested in below for more information and to enrol:

For more information

Tel: (08) 9471 6600 (reception) Mob: 0407 475 582 Fax: (08) 9471 6601

Email: waynew@mpaskills.com.au  Website: www.mpaskills.com.au

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Applications are now open for Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanical Apprenticeships with Hutton & Northey in Merridin, Corrigin, Cinderdin and Mukinbudin. For further information contact HR department on 90411077 or via email hr@hutnorsales.com.au or visit their website https://www.hutnorsales.com.au/careers/.

MEGT Australian Apprenticeship Support Network

What do I do if I don't want to go to university??

Students looking for a more hands-on approach to higher learning – or who just want to start earning but also want to get a qualification under their belt – an apprenticeship or traineeship might just be the way to go.

Our Career Hub has the answers

From online aptitude testing and career quizzes to resume templates, job hunting tips and interview advice, MEGT's Career Hub has all the free resources your students need to find the right career path, find the right opportunity, and to show potential employers they are the right fit for the job.

Want to know more?

Visit our Career Hub online now or contact your local apprenticeship experts today www.megt.com.au/career-hub/.

Mr Peter Frusher
Careers Adviser


Senior School Important Dates





Week 8A

Monday 10 September

Year 11 WACE (ATAR) Study Day

Year 10 Personal Project display items to be delivered

Dickinson Centre

8.00am – 4.00pm

Year 11 and 12 PE Studies Selected Sport Assessments

8.35am – 3.25pm

Year 10 YOH Competition Heat (including performance)

Subiaco Arts Centre

9.00am – 10.00pm

Tuesday 11 September

Year 11 WACE (ATAR) Examinations commence (Year Diploma classes as per usual)

Year 12 Mock Drama Practical Examinations

9.00am – 2.00pm

Year 10 OLNA Testing (Numeracy)

11.35am – 12.35pm

Year 11 and 12 Brain Reset Session

Room 13.301

3.45pm – 4.30pm

Wednesday 12 September

Year 10 Enrichment Winter Term Activity


8.35am – 2.15pm

Personal Projects available for viewing

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 3.30pm

Year 11 and 12 Brain Reset Session

Room 13.301

3.45pm – 4.30pm

First XI Soccer v John Curtin College SSWA Grand Final and Presentations

Dalmantiac Park, Spearwood

Depart at 4.30pm for a 6.00pm start

Thursday 13 September

Personal Projects available for viewing

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 3.30pm

Year 10 OLNA Testing (Reading)

11.35am – 12.35pm

Winter Soiree

Memorial Hall

5.30pm – 7.30pm

Friday 14 September

Senior School Marching (No Assembly)

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 8.50am

Year 12 Red Frog Presentation

Memorial Hall

8.30am – 9.30am

Personal Projects available for viewing

Dickinson Centre

8.30am – 3.30pm

Personal Project Showcase Opening

BRC (Library)

5.00pm – 5.30pm

Personal Project Showcase

Dickinson Centre

5.30pm – 7.30pm

Year 9 Tenpin Bowling Social with PLC

Super Bowl, Melville

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Saturday 15 September

Year 10 New Zealand Expedition departs

Sunday 16 September

Senior School Recitals (including Will Upson Award)

Memorial Hall

3.00pm – 5.00pm

Week 9B

Monday 17 September

Year 10 Expeditions (Group 2) away - various departure and return dates


Year 9 Cadet Camp departs


Year 11 IB Diploma Examinations commence

Tuesday 18 September

Year 12 Anderson House Breakfast

Typika, Claremont

7.00am – 8.30am

Year 9 Enrichment Winter Term Activity


8.30am – 12.35pm

Year 11 Brain Reset Session

Room 13.301

3.45pm – 4.30pm

Wednesday 19 September

Salvation Army Soup Kitchen


6.15am – 9.30am

Winter Term ends (Senior School)


Year 11 and 12 Brain Reset Session

Room 13.301

3.45pm – 4.30pm

Thursday 20 September

Spring Concert with Idea of North

Dickinson Centre

7.30pm – 9.30pm

Friday 21 September

Year 11 WACE (ATAR) and IB Diploma Examinations final day

Saturday 22 September

WACE Practical Examinations commence

Monday 24 September

Queen's Birthday

Tuesday 25 September

Year 12 Mock WACE and IB Diploma Examination Period commences

Year 11 and 12 Brain Reset Session

Room 13.301

3.45pm – 4.30pm

Wednesday 26 September

Year 11 and 12 Brain Reset Session

Room 13.301

3.45pm 4.30pm

Sunday 30 September

Year 10 New Zealand Expedition returns

Monday 1 October

Australasian Philosothon departs

Thursday 4 October

Rowing Camp (Year 11 and 12) departs


Friday 5 October

Australasian Philosothon final day

Year 12 Mock WACE and IB Diploma Examination Period final day

Week 1A

Monday 8 October

Rowing Camp (Year 11 and 12) final day


Year 11 Laptop Rollout (Day Boys)

ILT Department

8.00am – 4.00pm

Debating Dinner

Blue Duck Café

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Tuesday 9 October

Year 11 Laptop Rollout (Day Boys)

ILT Department

8.00am – 4.00pm

Music Dinner

Off campus

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Wednesday 10 October

Spring Term commences (Senior School)

Sport training commences in the morning as per usual schedule (please visit sport.scotch.wa.edu.au for details)

Year 10, 11 and 12 Conferences

New Students ILT Induction

ILT Department

8.55am – 9.55am

Leaving Year 12 House Dinners

Thursday 11 October

Student Leaders' Breakfast

Dining Room Annexe

7.00am – 8.30am

Year 10, 11 and 12 Conferences

Year 11 Laptop Rollout (Boarders)

ILT Department

8.45am – 10.00am

Residential Community Dinner

Off Campus

6.30pm – 10.30pm

Friday 12 October

Senior School Assembly including Student Leadership Handover

Dickinson Centre

8.35am – 10.00am

March Out

Gooch Pavilion

11.30am – 12.30pm

Year 2 and 12 Activities and Lunch

Dining Room

12.30pm – 1.30pm

Year 12 Parents' Lunch

Off Campus

1.00pm – 5.00pm

PSA Sport – Guildford Grammar School v Scotch College (please visit sport.scotch.wa.edu.au for details)


2.00pm – various

Saturday 13 October

Inter- House Rowing Regatta

Boat Shed

8.30am – 10.30am

PSA Sport – Guildford Grammar School v Scotch College (please visit sport.scotch.wa.edu.au for details)


8.30am - various

Residential Community 2019 Orientation commences

Sunday 14 October

Residential Community 2019 Orientation concludes


Colours and Honours Awards - Winter 2018

To see all the recipients of Colours Awards please click here.


Support Groups

Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM)

Friends of Scotch Music (FOSM) is a group of parents who enthusiastically support the work of boys and staff in the Music Department. The AGM for FOSM will be held on Tuesday, 16 October at 7.00pm in Senior School Music Room. All parents of music students are welcome to attend. For any enquiries please email  FOSM@scotch.wa.edu.au.

Mrs Louise Broun
Friends of Scotch Music


Soccer – School Sport WA Champions Grand Final

The Scotch First XI Soccer team have successfully defeated all contenders in the Northern District to make it through to the 2018 School Sport WA Champions Schools Football Grand Final to defend our title for a second year. The game kicks off at 6.00pm, Wednesday 12 September against John Curtin College of the Arts at Dalmatinac Park, Spearwood. We would love to see as many Scotch supporters there as possible.

Mrs Kate Reynolds
Soccer Support Group


Year 12 Parents – March Out Lunch

The 2018 Year 12 Parent March Out Lunch will be held on Friday, 12 October 2018, at COAST, Port Beach.  All Year 12 parents are invited to attend this event following on from the March Out Celebrations.

To purchase your tickets please visit the Scotch College website www.scotch.wa.edu.au and click on the "Book a Scotch College Event" icon.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Mrs Terri Phillips
Year 12 Parent


Community Notices

Skyplay Basketball Camps

To find out more about improving your basketball skills during the October holidays, see here for the latest details.