26 November 2018

Subject Selection - Be as informed as you can be

With our Year 10 community receiving information on the IB Diploma Programme and the WACE Programme at Scotch College in the past fortnight, it is timely that we consider ways to find out more information for all parents and boys.

Last year we released the digital course handbook which outlines all areas of subject selection for Years 8 through to 12. This website had over 20,000 visits.

This digital course handbook can be found here: https://my.scotch.wa.edu.au/courseinformation.

Together with individual course summaries, this webpage provides information on how to make your selections, the graduation requirements and where students and parents can obtain further advice. We are also adding content in the form of videos, having recorded boys discussing their experience within specific subjects so that our students can glean information from those who have previously studied the subjects.

I strongly encourage all boys, with their families, to take the time to absorb the information that is presented on these pages.

During the subject selection process and at any time during their son's experience at Scotch, parents are welcome and encouraged to contact us to clarify their understanding.

The next event for parents considering their son's pathways and subject selections in Year 10 will be Wednesday 26 April. Parents and students will have the opportunity to speak to our Curriculum Leaders regarding the specifics of each subject being offered in Year 11.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning