26 November 2018

Scotch College Device Programme - Update

Scotch College is a recognised leader in the use of technology to enhance student learning. Our students move around the school throughout the day and this can be tough on technology of any sort. For the younger boys, iPad cases are tailored to suit their developmental age. This has forced an increase in the iPad levy for 2017.

Even with the protection the cases provide to both the iPads and the laptops, accidental damage can still occur. The College provides an on-site independent Apple Certified technician and whilst almost 70% of repairs at Scotch are covered by warranty, there is an excess of $300 for any damage outside the standard warranty.

In 2017, the Year 7 students will swap to a 13" MacBook Air as Apple has discontinued the 11" MacBook Air.

The 2017 Device Fact Sheet is available on Connect.

The Tech Centre, located on the ground floor of the Bunnings Resource Centre, is open 8.00am till 4.00pm, Monday to Friday during the school holidays up until Friday 23 December and will re-open on Monday 9 January 2017.

For any queries please contact the Tech Centre on 9383 6866 or email iltadministration@scotch.wa.edu.au