26 November 2018

Head of Junior School

2016 has been a year of significant firsts. We welcomed our first class of Pre-Primary boys to our College. They began as shy four year olds in February and have grown in confidence and size since then. We saw all of our boys achieve successes in a range of areas from sports and art to academics and socially. As our school has grown, so has our school community. Many news boys and families joined us and added to our wonderful collection of personalities.


Unfortunately, at this time of the year we have to say goodbye to some of our boys as they either move onto the Middle School, as our Year 5 friends will be, or they will be leaving for new pastures in schools and cities far from Perth. We also farewell members of staff who have served this school, the boys and the wider community so diligently and passionately for a very long time.

Our two longest serving members of staff are retiring from the Junior School after over 20 years of outstanding service. You know you have had a full career and done a wonderful job when you begin to teach the children of the children you taught. For Mrs Fran Longhurst and Mrs Merrie Cockerill that has been just the case.

Fran Longhurst has decided to retire from teaching at the College after almost 28 years of dedicated service, a fantastic achievement. During this time Fran has provided outstanding support, commitment and loyalty to the College both as a staff member and parent. In particular, I would like to recognise Fran for her work with the boys she taught over the years as a Junior School Classroom Teacher and more recently in her role of Academic Support Teacher.

Merrie Cockerill will be leaving us as she retires after 24 years. Merrrie has been an outstanding teacher in our Junior School and has fulfilled a number of roles including, being a classroom teacher, Head of Academic Support and Multilit Coordinator. Not only has she been committed to the College, she has been a member of our community as a parent of four boys who attend Scotch.

I have had the pleasure over my career to have worked with many talented and inspiring teachers. Fran and Merrie will always stand out in my memory as two teachers whose passion, commitment and talent has set them apart. They have made positive impact on all the students, colleagues and parents who have had the pleasure to be taught by, work with and know them. Scotch College has been a better place because of their presence. They will both be missed and we wish them all the very best in their respective retirements.

We must also recognize the service of Mrs Tracy Stillitano. Tracy has worked at the College for 10 years having taught Year 1 and 3 and most recently as a Physical Education Specialist. Tracy has been an excellent teacher who has guided the learning of the boys she has worked with and enhanced what we have been able to offer our boys. She started the first ever Scotch College Tee-Ball team that won the premiership, was an active member of the staff association and brought a positive attitude and welcoming smile to all interactions. I wish to thank Tracy for her service and commitment to the boys of the Junior School and wish all the best in her future.

Daniela Jasper will be leaving her role of Psychologist in our Junior School. Daniela joined the school in 2015 and during her time with us has provided significant support to our students, teachers and parents, building up strong relationships and ensuring enhancement of the educational outcomes and social and emotional growth of our boys. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Daniela for her contribution to the College and wish her every success with her future endeavours.

2016 has also seen us say goodbye and thank you to other members of our team. Ms Liza Richardson, Mrs Karen Sabitay and Mrs Sandy Wingfield who resigned from the College this year.

New Additions

I am pleased to announce the follow Teachers and Education Assistants will be joining our team for 2017.

Ms Irene Louden will be joining us as our third Year 5 teacher. Irene has worked in Western Australian Catholic schools for 20 years having previously worked and studied in the UK. She has facilitated learning opportunities over a wide range of developmental levels from Kindergarten through to Year 10 as well as adult education through professional coaching and mentoring. Irene has a particular interest in social constructivist learning theory; particularly in reference to how this can be achieved in a digital age. She has worked as a Digital Learning Integrator in classrooms through Junior Primary and Year 7 as well as staff development in the role of digital learning coach from K-12. Irene has lectured at Notre Dame University in Transforming Learning through ICT in Early Childhood Education. She has presented at state and national conferences and also shares her work through publications to online networks.

Mrs Rebecca Vincent is joining us as our new Physical Education Teacher for Kindergarten to Year 2. Rebecca has most recently worked at the International School in Singapore in Year 1 from 2008 to 2015. Prior to that she worked at Lesmurdie Primary School. Rebecca has also run her own business called Konetic Kids that provided multi-sport and a fundamental movement program for children aged two to six year olds.

Ms Monique Jenner will join our team as our French Specialist who will teach in the ELC. Monique worked at Scotch from 2006 to 2008. After taking time to raise her children, she has recently returned to teaching at the International School of Western Australia.

Mrs Jennifer Sullivan will be our new music teacher in the ELC. Jennifer currently works as a Music Specialist in the Middle School but has extensive experience in providing music tuition to children from the age of two to six. She has successfully run the ELM (Early Learning Through Music programme) and is a qualified Primary and Montessori teacher.

Miss Rebecca McCarthy will be joining as an Education Assistant. Rebecca has worked in junior schools and most recently has worked at the Autism Association of Western Australian as an Education Assistant providing therapy. Originally from Ireland, Rebecca has been living in Western Australia for the past 5 years.

Mrs Amanda Jenkins will join our team as an Education Assistant in Pre-Primary. Amanda has worked for over 12 years as an Education Assistant at schools such as, Abbotsleigh Junior School in Sydney, St Cuthbert's College in Auckland New Zealand and Wesley College in Western Australia. She brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Mrs Samantha Lock will join us as an Education Assistant in Kindergarten. Samantha is a qualified early years teacher and she also has a degree in Fine Arts. She has most recently worked at Bletchley Park Primary School.

Mrs Shantelle Vukojevich will join us as an Education Assistant in Year 1. Shantelle has previously worked in the Tax Office and has most recently worked at Christ Church Grammar School and St Mary's Anglican Girls' School.

Mrs Mandeep Rae will be returning to work in the Junior School as an Education Assistant for Year 2 and 5.

I am sure the Junior School community will make the new members of our team feel very welcome.

Class Teachers for 2017

I am pleased to confirm that all of our current classroom teachers will be returning for the 2017 school year.

Below are the teacher assignments for 2017.




Mrs Medine Mazzuchelli and Miss Anna Clancy


Mrs Susan Phillips and Miss Anna Clancy


Mrs Kristen Gray


Mrs Tara Fowles


Mrs Alison Webster

Mrs Laree Springall


Miss Olivia Creagh

Mrs Rebecca Turkich


Miss Renae Cirillo

Mr Andrew Wells and Ms Irene Louden

Academic Support

Miss Penny Hooper

Mrs Terri Phillips

Mrs Jill Willetts

Mrs Janet Lopez

Miss Phebe Samson

Physical Education

Mr Scott Whiston

Mrs Rebecca Vincent

Visual Arts

Mrs Jane Roche

Performing Arts

Miss Phebe Samson

Mrs Jennifer Sullivan


Mrs Carolyn Vinton

Ms Monique Jenner

Semester 2 Reports

Semester 2 reports will be sent home during the final week of term and teachers will be available to answer any queries parents may have regarding the reports. Please email your son's teacher/s if you should like to request an interview.

Junior School Film Festival

On Monday 14 November, the Junior School held its second successful Film Festival. Boys from Years 1 to 5 entered their films. The categories were diverse, including a holiday destination, action and gaming, documentaries and animations. The creativity of the boys was outstanding, which made it difficult for the judges to pick an overall winner. Well done to everyone who entered the Festival.




Special Mention

The Rover awakens

Thomas Lovegrove

Best Gaming Review

Fifa is back

Kevin Li

Best Documentary

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Mehki Lucerne-Knight

Best Voice Over

Mouse Mania

Levi Lawson

Best Holiday Trailer

New Zealand

Lucas Marley

Best Spy Film

Spy Gang

Brenn Armstrong

Best Photo Montage

Cute Coco

Charlie Warden

Best Animal Documentary

Cuddly Chenin

Oliver Montandon

Best Stop Motion Water Scene

Shark Attack

Cohen Clover

Best Dinosaur Action Film

Jurassic World Movie

Charlie Martin

Best Superhero Film

Ladybug Saves Eugene

Eugene Cha


Best Reality Show

Prankster 101

Charlie Bowles

Best Action Film

Jurassic World

Philip Pizimolas

Best Claymation to Live Action


Billy Mahaffy

Best Silent Movie

Rules of Polite Society

William Macknay

Best Movie

The Great Chase

Arnaud McVicker

All of the films from this year's festival are available to be viewed in the Junior School Library. Click here to view the winning entry, The Great Chase by Arnaud McVicker.

2017 Meet the Teacher Evening on Thursday 2 February

I invite all parents to attend a session with me to hear about our goals and programmes for the 2017 school year. Mr Norman will talk about our developments and initiatives in our teaching and learning programme and Miss Hooper will talk about pastoral care. This session will be followed by time in your son's class to hear about the expectations, procedures and programmes for the school year from you son's new class teacher. Meet the Teacher Evening will take place on Thursday 2 February beginning at 6:00pm in MacKellar Hall.

I wish to thank the teachers for their outstanding work this year. Their commitment, professionalism and determination to provide the very best education for the boys was inspirational to see. I thank the boys for their positive approach to learning, their respect for one another and their unique personalities. Finally, I wish to thank our fantastic parent community. Your support and engagement with us this year was greatly welcomed and appreciated.

I wish all families, boys and staff a wonderful Christmas and summer holiday. I look forward to the 2017 academic year and seeing the many refreshed faces as we begin what will be an exciting school year.

Mr John Stewart
Head of Junior School