26 November 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Jeremiah Muir

Jeremiah has demonstrated many of the IB Learner Profiles this year, in particular, being Principled and balanced. He is an integral member of the 8C Homeroom. His friendly nature, coupled with his consideration for others, allows him to work well with all members of our class. Jeremiah has persevered with his studies this year, recognises the flaws in his learning and finds the means to overcome them. Watching Jeremiah work on the propulsion component of his Questacon "Make, Float, Move" project was quite extraordinary. He should be very proud of his effort and accomplishments this year, and continue to keep up the good work!


Max De Nardi

Max consistently demonstrates the desire to improve himself. He is a self-motivated learner who never wavers in his determination to excel and develop his abilities. Furthermore, Max treats people with respect and is always willing to help others. He is certainly a fine young man who embodies the values and principles of the College.


Jacob Lewis

Jacob is a respectful, principled and knowledgeable learner who consistently strives for excellence. His diligence and commitment to achieving his personal best is truly outstanding. Jacob is a role model for his peers, an asset to the College and an absolute joy to teach.


Jolyon Harrison-Murray

Jolyon continues to strive for excellence, both academically and in the co-curricular area of the Performing Arts. He continues to give his personal best and has done since he arrived at Scotch College. Jolyon embodies the IB learner profiles of "thinker" that is evident in the work he produces across many of his subject areas. He endeavours to expand his knowledge and will actively seek out ideas to enhance his growth as an inquirer, enhancing his ability to communicate his ideas to a variety of audiences. Jolyon has shown amazing growth throughout the year and I believe he is worthy of this Headmaster's Commendation.


Andreas Schultz

Andreas an amazing asset to our Middle School. He displays many of the traits that underpin the Scotch College values. He demonstrates integrity by consistently adhering to the moral principles of the College and the wider community. Andreas serves our community when he can, using his skills and talents to care for others. Andreas can reflect upon his actions and the actions of others, showing a level of open-mindedness that I have seldom seen in a Year 7 student. Andreas is a credit to himself and his family and is a worthy recipient of a Headmaster's Commendation.


Samuel Bennett

Samuel has displayed many of the values we associate with Scotch College. He is a caring and compassionate member of the College who embodies the values of service and stewardship. Samuel is always looking after his peers, helping others however he can throughout the School and in the wider community without reward. He shows integrity, honesty and strong moral principles. Samuel has a balanced approach to his life at Scotch College and seems to find time for both work and play, which are essential for a happy and productive school life. It is my pleasure to commend Samuel for this very special award; he is a worthy recipient.


James Bennett

James consistently tries his personal best in every lesson in iLearn. He is motivated to improve himself every day and takes great pride in all his tasks. James will ask questions to improve on his knowledge and understanding. He is a positive group member who inspires the group to produce their best work. James is a pleasure to teach and it has been great to witness his development throughout the year.


Henry Vaughan

Henry is an independent and responsible young man who displays a very strong commitment to all aspects of his education. He should be extremely proud of his efforts and successes in all areas of the curriculum and he is to be commended for his positive attitude and determination.

Henry works effectively and willingly in collaboration with other students, interacting appropriately and maturely at all times. He acts with integrity and honesty, displaying thoughtfulness and respect to all members of the Scotch College community.


Jack Williamson

For being an IB Caring learner. Jack is consistently positive and respectful in his interactions with others. His empathetic and considerate approach are much appreciated by his peers.