26 November 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone. I hope you had a wonderful holiday during les vacances scolaires. Although I went to Europe, I only spent one day in France, in the lovely coastal town of Biarritz. The rest of my trip I was in the north of Spain. Are you all ready for the final term. Year 2 have been learning about les animaux de la ferme - or farm animals - in French and have been singing the French version of Old MacDonald, which led them to discover that French animals don't say the same words that our animals do. For example, a horse says "hii", while a pig says "groin" and a cow says "meuh". The boys have become very good at singing along when we play the song in class, although they still find the new animal sounds very funny. They have also applied some of their colour knowledge to allow them to describe the animals in more detail and next we will investigate and talk about what the animals eat. It's lovely to have everyone back, ready to study hard until the end of the year. Enjoy the final term, Au revoir.

Madame Vinton
French Specialist