26 November 2018

Middle School Indonesian Immersion

What a fantastic year it has been so far in Middle School Indonesian! Students have loved playing and competing using the vocabulary program Quizlet Live. Winners wear a special traditional Indonesian hat 'topi' in class and we have seen a great improvement in language acquisition through collaborative work.

Our marble jar reward system worked very well. Last term Year 8 boys played an outdoor soccer match for achieving their class goal. Some of the ways to earn marbles are by respecting one another, attentive listening, being prepared, on time to class and trying your personal best. Other rewards are stickers, passes to choose where they sit, or drink a hot chocolate. Year 7 had a noodle 'mi goreng' and movie party at the end of last term for achieving their goals.

It is an enormous privilege to work with such a dynamic group of young gentlemen, who respond well to correction, are growing, learning, having fun and preparing for life.

Miss Naomi Hermawan

Indonesian Teacher