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Middle School Design & Technology

The Middle School Design & Technology learning area started a new and exciting Digital Design Year 8 course which focused on coding and integrating electronics using the BBC Microbit.  The boys were faced with the challenge of prototyping and coding an electronic device that could help them around the house and garden which linked closely to the Science curriculum.  Some of the skills taught were problem solving and creative thinking with a strong emphasis on the inquiring and analysing stage of the Design Cycle.

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The Year 6 and 7 boys complete a successful rotation with some impressive CO2 dragster cars and gumball machines completed.  As we live in an ever changing world we are constantly changing and adapting our programs to align with new technologies.  We have recently installed the new 3D printers and plasma cutter which will expose the boys to so many more possibilities and design options.  What an exciting time we live in!

Mr Brent Van Ingen-Kal & Mr Edward Grant
Middle School Design & Technology Teachers