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All About Earth in 6.3T

As part of the iLearn unit currently being explored in Year 6.3T, boys are busy uncovering the layers of our Earth. They have delved deep under our Earth's crust to discover exactly what our Earth is made of and how it all fits together.

Earth's layers and plate boundaries are busily being studied, along with mapping skills. Key concepts such as latitude and longitude, continents, countries and the important skill of reading a map without Google telling them!

As the boys continue to learn about the plate boundaries such as divergent, convergent and transform they will look at the natural disasters related to these boundary movements. Knowing what causes these catastrophic natural disasters along with how to improve our warning signals will enable us to save many lives in the future.

In the second half of our unit we will be looking at humanitarian aid and how the wider community pull together in hard times for those who have had to unexpectedly live through these heartbreaking events.

It poses these questions to our boys: Why is our Earth so volatile? How can we decrease the number of lives lost in natural disasters? Hopefully, some of our budding future Geography students in 6.3T can find the answers as they move through Scotch and into this chosen field of work in the outside world!

Mr Daniel Turco
Year 6.3T Homeroom Teacher