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Keep Australia Beautiful

Last week the Year 9 students, while on their Rottnest Camp, cleaned up a number of beaches around the island. The boys did this with great enthusiasm and should be proud of their work.

Keep Aus Beautiful 1

The cleanups took on quite different characteristics depending on which beach the boys were cleaning. Those beaches on the south side of the island were characterised by fishing and boating equipment, most of which has been deposited by the prevailing south westerly wind. The northern side of the island, including Thompson Bay, featured a lot of cigarette butts, bottles, and other items probably consumed by people on the island.

Keep Aus Beautiful 2 Keep Aus Beautiful 3

A particular highlight of the week was the Anderson House and St Andrews House students removing the remains of a fibreglass dinghy from the rocks in Strickland Bay. It was not an easy process and the boys displayed great determination and strength!

Keep Aus Beautiful 4

The week was a great reminder about the impact of human activity, even somewhere as pristine as Rottnest.

Tanzania Fundraising Quiz Night

The Tanzania tour, in partnership with PLC, travels to Matipwili, a remote rural village north of Dar es Salaam to complete work aimed at improving educational opportunities. In 2018 we are aiming to provide funding which will build infrastructure to boost the internet service. This should allow us to keep in closer contact when back in Perth. In the past, students have laboured alongside local students and village tradesmen. Materials to assist in building and to buy equipment to boost the internet will be raised at the Quiz Night on 7 April. Book your tickets here.

World's Greatest Shave

Scotch is lined up for another big year raising funds for leukaemia research. Our event is on Monday 26 March following the Senior School Inter-house Cross Country. It will take place at the Gooch Pavilion and all are welcome. The fundraising page is available here.

We are told that a number of teachers have agreed to get a haircut, for a price..

Mr David Kyle
Director of Community Service