The Thistle - An E-Newsletter of Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

Introducing the new Teaching and Learning website

The newly developed Teaching and Learning website is now live and we encourage you to visit and explore - click here.

The website can also be accessed from home.scotch by clicking on the Teaching and Learning icon. The development of this website is a result of investigating the best way to communicate the most up to date information regarding the Teaching and Learning programmes to parents.

The site is designed for the current parents of boys at Scotch College, enabling them to access the key personnel who oversee our academic programmes across K-12. The Frequently Asked Questions for each section provides easy access to the most commonly requested information.

The website includes the following areas:

A range of examples of programmes that are currently operating in the Enrichment programme have also been included.

My thanks to Tim Burrows, Brad Tyrrell, Nathan Wood, and the many other staff who have assisted in the content and building of the site.

An introductory video from the Headmaster can be accessed by clicking on the link

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning