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French News

Bonjour everyone! Well, this week the Year 4s had a very busy morning on Thursday, with a tasting session for "Le Fromage". The boys have been busy studying a selection of professions as part of the How We Organise Ourselves unit, which then led into exploring an industry that employs many people in France, the cheese industry. The two classes looked at a map of popular cheeses in France, then paired up to research different kinds of cheese.

The culmination of the unit was a tasting of five different cheeses in class, three from cow's milk, one from sheep's milk and one from goat's milk. The boys had to say how the cheese looked, smelt and of course tasted, and give it a score out of five. No great surprise that the blue cheese didn't score that well amongst our boys - Roquefort is a bit of an acquired taste. Bravo to 4C and 4T for being risk-takers and trying something new. Bravo les garçons.

Madame Vinton
French Specialist