26 November 2018

Welcome back officially to Autumn Term. I am not sure about how everyone else is feeling, but I am relieved just to think we will actually have an uninterrupted five-day week; after the various one day and long weekend breaks over the last two weeks. It will be refreshing to get back on track without trying to recall which day of the week it actually is!

No doubt many of you have noticed an increase in trade related vans parked on the Shenton Road verge outside of the gates to the Memorial Hall on the Senior campus. There is a reason for this; we have commenced the transformation of this very important building to a multipurpose performance space as well as a home for the College's archival displays.

In early 1957, David Brisbane, CBE laid the then foundation stone to indicate the commencement of the construction of the Memorial Hall. The construction was completed and the building opened by the Governor, Sir Charles Gairdner, on 19 October 1957 as a highlight of the College's Diamond Jubilee. However, due to a financial shortfall, the full internal fit out was not finished until 1958. Dr Maxwell Keys, the then Headmaster, used the Memorial Hall for the inaugural Founder's Day dinner on 17 October 1958 and later for that year's Speech Night.

This year we are in our 120th year of operation and the plan is to have the Memorial Hall upgrade well and truly completed in time for 20 October when the Founders Day March and Dinner will be held. It is also our intention to open the new works on the same day. More information will be provided later in the year as plans are finalised. This will be yet another exciting milestone for the College and a reminder that in the modern and fast changing educational environment of opening and closing of schools in this area, we continue to grow, flourish and more importantly evolve within our own contemporary context.

As we commence yet another frantic term, I want to encourage parents to get involved wherever they can with the College. I would also like to extend a special welcome to families who have just joined our community. All of my staff are here to provide the boys and their families with the best experience possible. If you are ever in doubt or require clarification, no matter what the issue, just contact the College for assistance.

Have a great term and I look forward to catching up with many of you whether around campus, on the sporting fields or in the wider community.

Have a great fortnight.

Dr Alec O'Connell