26 November 2018

Year 3S News

What an exciting and engaging end to the semester 3S had. To conclude our unit about products going through a process of change before they are distributed and consumed, we worked on a two-week project where we conducted research, drew designs and built chairs from cardboard that were big enough and strong enough to hold the weight of our teacher. We incorporated writing into this project by completing journal entries, reflecting on each day's progress and learnt about measurement through the construction process. On the final day of Term 2, many of our families came to school to view our work and watch as our nervous teachers took to their thrones. There were a few falls, but no injuries… Phew! To begin Term 3, we started learning about the healthy balance of biodiversity within ecosystems. So far, we have gathered a great deal of information about different habitats, which we turned into factual reports and have also undertaken a scavenger hunt to identify the biodiversity found in the school yard. For our assembly item, we made links between our unit of inquiry and the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle, which is about a caterpillar that spends the first week of his life eating the wrong foods with clear consequences. When the caterpillar consumes the correct foods, he grows and turns into a beautiful butterfly. This undoubtedly demonstrates the delicate nature of ecosystems and the importance of maintaining the balance. We hope that our assembly was educational for everyone and has also made people more environmentally conscious.

Ms Larree Springall

Year 3 Teacher