26 November 2018

A busy term ahead

The end of the academic year is fast approaching with only eight weeks to go before all boys in the Senior School move up into their new year levels. For many this period will involve frantic activity and busy schedules as boys work to meet deadlines. For some, these deadlines may become overwhelming. How many times have we heard (or said), "If I just had one more day, one more hour of sleep or one more …"? These comments are made at the end of the time period but the opportunity to have more time exists at the beginning.

As we start the new term, I encourage all boys to make it happen. Now. Start, whatever the task, before you leave school, before the end of the day or before the end of the week. Don't wait until the deadline is looming.

For Year 12 boys, this term is their last of timetabled classes at Scotch College. For many the coming months will mark the end of many years at Scotch and will be filled with mixed feelings. While the next eight weeks will be a period of intense effort and focus in the lead up to final Year 12 examinations, it is important for all Year 12s to savour this time and strike a balance between the achievement of longer-term goals and the enjoyment of every moment.

I look forward to seeing parents in the audience and on the sidelines as we watch and support the boys performing, playing and working in any number of activities and opportunities available this term.

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School